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Monday, April 14, 2014

Frank Gusich 3/17/50-4/1/14

"We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results."
– Herman Melville


I’m sorry to report that Frank Gusich passed on April 1, 2014. Frank just turned 64. Frank was a 1971 Co-captain on the University of Michigan football team. He played the position as Wolf man and Sports Illustrated featured him in an article titled Superman.

Frank grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and unfortunately lost his father prior to the age of six. In grade school, Frank loved all sports and played, when he could, football, basketball and Little League baseball. In the eighth grade, he wanted to attend St. Ignatius high school. He applied, but was not accepted. Because of his and his mother’s perseverance, he was eventually accepted and even given a tuition grant.

At St. Ignatius, Frank lettered in basketball, track and football. For football, he played on the offense and the defense and was a Co-Capt. In his senior year. His team then won the city championship. He was recruited by such notables as Woody Hayes, Lou Holtz, Bob Devaney, Marv Levy and Lee Corso. However, Don James and Bump Elliott sold him on attending the University of Michigan.

Even though his three siblings attended Ohio State University, they became Michigan fans when the two teams played each other. In Frank’s sophomore year, he broke a bone near his wrist. He wasn’t allowed to play in the games with the cast. So, his trainer, cut off his cast, padded and taped his arm and hand so he could play in the games. So each week during the season, after each game, Frank had a new cast made. Unfortunately, in one of those practices, he also broke his thumb because the thumb wasn’t protected. Finally, the following January or February, after the season, his hand healed and he didn’t have to wear a new cast. Frank actually, still retained one of his special maize and blue casts as a memento. Frank became a starter in the Wolf man position as a junior. His teammates called him the “toughest.”

Frank is one of the men that I interviewed in my upcoming book titled “Bo’s Warriors.” It was a real honor for me to get to know this fine spiritual man. As far as coincidences go, his wife is named Linda. Linda grew up in East side of Detroit, and attended Dominican high school. I passed her high school   each day while attending Denby high school.

I know that Frank is still rooting for his beloved University of Michigan teams. Go Blue!


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