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It Has Nothing To Do With Age provides self-help principles. The inspirational stories give concrete illustrations of overcoming many of life's challenges. Difficulties pertaining to depression, grief, divorce, and death are presented and worked through by the participants. Physical impairments, injuries, overcoming issues with weight, alcohol, and nicotine are also dealt with and resolved by the athletes.

This book provides a model on how to overcome some of the difficulties that confront all of us . Further, this read sheds a beacon of light on preventive measures for good physical and mental health. Research demonstrates that exercise is an important component in treating such ailments and debilitating illness such as depression, stroke, heart disease, brain or cognitive malfunction,and Alzheimer's disease.

I suggest that proper exercise can be used as a preventive measure for psychological, cognitive, and physical health as well. Follow my prescription and lead a better, more fulfilling, and healthier life.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cool Ride and Tie,Tevis, Outrigger Canoe Race and Ironman

Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor."– Truman Capote

Truman is right on.  We know when we have experienced failure, and how that feels.  It is great to compare failure with success. And we all have our own definitions of success and failure.  Make sure that you rethink your definitions.  Since we control the definition do not make the mistake of shortchanging yourself.  Failure to one is not failure to another.  By the same token, success varies based on the perception of the beholder.

Secretariat, Randall, and I are going to mark trails for the Coolest Ride and Tie. The day of the event is just around the corner, and I hope to see you there.

Today is the third installment of Fran’s review of   It Has Nothing To Do with Age.  The book is available at Barnes & Noble, as well as Amazon.  Hope you like it.

Meet Gypsy his horse. The turning point of his life happened in 2009 with a serious accident. Things would radically change for him but never his spirit. Thrown from his horse, seriously injured and learning through the many tests taken that he had Stenosis which is a narrowing of his spinal cord, Frank has to learn to deal with life in a different way. Wearing a brace all the time and hoping for a miracle it is no wonder that he managed to rid himself of it, go to rehab and rejuvenate himself. There are many more stories of older people overcoming the odds, like Jack Sholl. Read the many stories in Chapters 14-16. The last two were my favorite: Paddler of the World and the Ultimate Caregiver.

Let’s sum up the journey: You can learn a lot from reading this book, those he meets along the way and the reasons behind writing this book. At 71 years of age he is out there running, riding, exercising, going to rehab and meeting great and inspired human beings. I have to agree with our young at heart author that genetics does not control what you can do and age means nothing. Parental models, guiding your children to want to play sports, compete and get out there is paramount. Walking, exercising and creating a framework for your child to want to develop and live a healthy life are so important. I agree that where you live and your environment often plays a part in how well you live. Playing with your kids, encouraging them to participate in sports and teams, understanding that competition is healthy and doing their best win or lose if really what it is all about. Competition is healthy, good and does influence you. Live longer, get out and find a sport of something that you can do and meet people, get off that couch and start today. You just might feel better, younger and those aches and pains might disappear.

Your life is not defined by your age. I know that. If these determined athletes our author tells us about can do it SO CAN YOU! I walk every day, I try and run several times a week, I am in great shape and this book is a brain and energy booster for anyone who wants to live longer and realize: AGE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! YOU DO!

Great book for seniors, even younger people to motivate them to get started before it is too late.
Fran Lewis: Reviewer

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tillamook,Hawaii Ironman, and Moloka -Outrigger Canoe Race

"When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge."– Tuli Kupferberg
I agree with Tuli.  However, I want to share my dilemma with you.  Secretariat has a secret that I am going to share with you.  The secret is called Tillamook, with Mountain Huckleberry as the flavor.  Yes, it is premium ice cream from the great Northwest. The taste will transform you.  You may never want another brand of ice cream again after tasting  this  delicious treat.

To continue yesterday’s book review on It Has Nothing To Do with Age.  Also notice the links on the blog.

 Next we meet Russ Kiernan who won the Dipsea Race. Meeting Jack Kirk would help Russ, as he became his mentor and trainer. Using Jack’s techniques even after he passes away does much to help him when he competes in a Ride and Tie and 28 more competitions. Can you feel the energy? Next the author tells the reader about his 2nd Ride and Tie: THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in 1998. What he does and the pain he endured just to enter was totally remarkable. In 1999 he and Steve Anderson his Ride and Tie partner entered together and ran a trail. Learning about the 3rd Annual Marathon was next. Never stopping and always looking for the next race and competition to enter. The history of the Tevis was really interesting first awarded in 1959.

His friend Jim Steere’s story was quite compelling and interesting. A vet for large animals, learning about his early life, his memories, the tough discipline invoked by his father and how his mother came to the rescue for him and his horse Lady, will definitely endear you to him. Jim spent time with his dad while in High School was impacted by December 7, 1941 and even jointed the Air Corps. But, let’s get back to the important stuff: At 80 years young in 2008 this man became the oldest rider to compete and yes COMPLETE THE TEVIS! How cool is that! Jim was competitive and liked to finish his events and what he started. To learn more about him you need to read Chapter 7. You didn’t think I was going to tell you everything and spoil your fun of reading it yourself. Read both Chapters 8 and 9 to learn more about the Tevis and how 9/11 impacted his life and others.

Dr. Iron man: Lew Hollander was born in 1930 and believe it or not at the young age of only 54 he completed the 100 mile Western States Run. At 65 believe it or not he was the oldest winner of an Iron man Competition in Japan. Read about him and his navy career and you will be totally inspired. Now, get up, walk, and run, that couch has a huge dent in the middle where you have been sitting and watching too much TV. Move! Are you not inspired by what I have written? Okay: This should do it I hope!

Life after the Western States Run is Chapter 11, and then the Third Hurdle the 100- mile Ride and Tie follows. One thing you have to admire about Frank he never lacks women or companionship. This man has more drive and energy than most 20 year olds.

To be continued……

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Book Review for It Has Nothing To Do With Age

Before I present Fran’s book review of It Has Nothing To Do With Age, I now fully understand why Secretariat gained weight on his vacation.  Today, we ran one of our familiar 6 mile loops.  Before the run, I was feeling punk and did not know if that was going to change.  Generally, our feelings do change during a run, but there is no guarantee. Well, I did feel better, and in fact, I asked Secretariat to stop to tie his shoe or to pee.  He knew that if he stopped he would not likely catch me today.  Secretariat said that he would not stop under any conditions as a result; I did not whip him today.

Secretariat brought over his famed ice cream from the great Northwest.  I said that we would treat ourselves at the end of our run.  So, we had that super ice cream, and I now know why he had that treat twice a day.  I told him the next time he came over there be no guarantee there would be any left.  Linda also joined us with our treat and she had seconds.  Remember, this happened in the morning.

Join Linda, Secretariat, Frank, Debbie, Carl, and Mary 8:30 AM at the parking lot near the fire station to mark trail and go over information regarding the Cool Ride and Tie this coming Saturday.

 Needless to say, I was very pleased with the following review.  Since it is lengthy, I will divide it up into three parts.

Fran's review
Sep 26, 11

I own a copy

Age is just a number and I have not picked the one I am as yet. I realize something very early on after I decided to turn thirty. Never tell anyone your real age and never allow anyone to make you feel old. You can do anything at any age and I know that and never ever allow myself to feel that I can’t do what younger people can. I won’t admit how old I am but I will say that I am much smarter than I was ten years ago and I have learned some valuable lessons along the way. One is keeping fit and having a healthy weight and eating a healthy diet. So, when I received this book to review I was really excited that I might learn some more ways to stay ahead of the aging game, learn about the author, read his stories and that of others over 65 years young and still kicking.

Set your pace at moving ahead, keep those racing shoes close by, pump yourself up for an energetic day and don’t’ let your age slow you down. Imagine competing in the Tevis Cup at age 60. Then how about a 100-mile endurance horse event over the Sierra Nevada Mountains and added to that at age 62 becoming a division winner in the 100 miles Western States Endurance run. Think you have what it takes? Frank Li9eberman is a one-man inspiration that is setting the pace for everyone 65 and over. Keeping it moving, not slowing down and remembering one important point: 70 percent of how you age: YOU CONTROL! So, let’s go to the starting line-get ready-set and here we go. See if you can keep as Frank and this reviewer take you on real life journey to improving the quality of your life and proving once and for all: IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH AGE!

Riding horse trails was Frank’s first start coming off at the starting gate joined by his wife, trainers and two Border Collies. He even learned while living on a ranch how to roundup cows that required branding and vaccinations. A real cowboy: Not so easy one might think! Finally, purchasing his own horses, learning how to ride and caring for them on his own. But, hard lessons were about to be learned even one that would haunt anyone for life. When an animal has to be euthanized that would be traumatic. Keep moving: The pace is about to pick up.

Describing his own experiences and some about those he met on he way his first entry is the Ride and Tie. Explaining the history behind the race, the excitement to prepare for it, his apprehension, fears and hopes really allow the reader to become part of the experience along with Frank as he relives each moment from the past. Life does not always run on an uphill path or trail, so when thing became out of whack or difficult it was his horses, his racing and his drive that kept him moving towards those finish lines.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Michelangelo,Cool Ride and Tie and Book Review

"If people only knew how hard I work to gain my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful at all."
– Michelangelo Buonarroti

Wow! Hard work is a common denominator. Nothing seems to replace hard work. There are no shortcuts or quick fixes that I know or little old pills for a matter-of-fact. If you do not believe me, take it from the master Michelangelo.

Secretariat is back, Secretariat is back after a month of eating pie and ice cream in Washington State.  He put on a few pounds, and all he did was eat pie and ice cream twice a day.  He even corrupted his older sister by introducing her to berries by the road.  So, he added healthy berries, to his pie and ice cream. He admitted that he also ate cookies.  It is clear that his sweet tooth needs were met adequately.  He claimed that he hiked and kayaked but did not run during this past month.  So he came home plump and very well rested.

Carrie, Will, Linda, Nails, Secretariat and I went to the Olmsted trail today. I told him that I received some feedback about Pig Farm and the Shortcut trail on the Cool Ride and Tie on October 1.   The feedback was that  it was too hard to do for two loops. What a dilemma?  Should we change the trial and make it easier for this new breed of ride and tie participants? Should we stick to the original plan and make it a tough race as advertised?  Okay, against my better judgment Secretariat and I are going to change the trail to accommodate this new breed.

 I remember my first Cool Ride and Tie and navigating the difficult, treacherous Pig Farm trail twice.   Did I die from that experience?  Did my life change as a result of that experience? Am I sadistic and do I want to punish them?  The answer is no to all the above.

Tracey called me about the Cool Ride and Tie shirts.  She plans to send me some proofs so I can decide on the best shirt.  I am looking forward to this year’s shirts.  Make sure you get one.

I got a terrific book review on the Good Reads website sent by my publisher.  I will post that on the blog so you can be sure to read about it.  It is five-star and I am extremely happy about what the reviewer said.  Check out It Has Nothing To Do With Age at It is a very good read if I do say so myself.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Perfection, Imperfection,Goal Setting, and Self Esteem

Since no one is perfect, it follows that all great deeds have been accomplished out of imperfection. Yet they were accomplished, somehow, all the same."– Lois McMaster Bujold

My good friend, Dr. Wayne Fiske created a game called “I am perfect.”  Wayne has a different point of view than Lois.  Wayne’s quote would be something to the effect “We are all perfect, and it follows that all great deeds have been accomplished out of perfection.  And that is why they are accomplished.”  Take your pick as to the quote that is more meaningful to you.  In any event, it is important to complete your goals.  Finishing and completing relates to self-esteem.  Complete your goals and improve your self-esteem.

Thinking back of the last two years, I have spent considerable energy writing  my book.  It was important for me to complete this project.  In order to complete the project, I had to learn about using Microsoft Word, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Dell Computer, etc. I also figured out whom to interview, develop a questionnaire to guide the interview, and put my story in some logical sequence.

The editing was burdensome, and luckily I got good feedback from Kate Reardon, my wife Linda, my daughter Lori, and my sister Beverly.  They were all very helpful and appreciated.  Beverly provided me with two good resources.  Mike Barlow, for one .was extremely helpful in assisting the formulation of how to write a professional book proposal.  His expertise and counsel was invaluable.  On the electronic side, Tony Brickel’s knowledge, support, dedication, and hard work  facilitated and allowed me to work with my editor, to work with the Internet, to work with the blog, to work with You Tube , and to put together the book  trailer.  I am not forgetting our trail runs, and running events this past year.  He was a good listener and provided feedback about this project.

For me, Lois quote fits, because I was imperfect when it came to accomplishing this project.  However, I have the support and expertise of so many.  I could not have completed this project by myself and that is perfectly clear. Thank you all as I cannot thank you enough.

I am also appreciative of Julie Suhr for graciously writing a book review for It Has Nothing to Do With Age:  “Dr. Lieberman’s enthusiasm for self accomplishment, through dedication and the help of others, shows almost nothing is impossible.  His personal story, and those of others who have inspired him, will interest all, who also strive to reach goals once thought beyond reach.”

Thursday, September 22, 2011

American Violet ,Mental Toughness and Extreme Sports

Luck? I don't know anything about luck. I've never banked on it and I'm afraid of people who do. Luck to me is something else: hard work — and realizing what opportunity is and what isn't."– Lucille Ball

Lucille, it is good to see that you have a serious side.  I remember the I Love Lucy TV series.   I agree that hard work and recognizing opportunity are good components for success.

Today, Linda, Nails, Carrie, Will, and I traversed the Olmsted loop.  The girls and their horses did fine and got out ahead of me but turned off the trail before I caught them.  They rode a shorter loop and returned before me.  Today was hot, and of course the trail was dusty.  Aside from being tired I had an opportunity to think about a number of concepts for my second book.

Earlier in the week, Linda and I watched a movie titled American Violet. The story took place in Texas in the year 2000.  This film was based on a true story.  In 2000, counties received federal money based on guilty pleas related to drugs.  So this one community rounded up blacks in commando like raids.  It did not matter whether or not, they were guilty.  They were simply rounded up and in some cases it was based on a single individual writing down their name and giving it to me police official.

The real kicker came when they are given a choice by the prosecutor.  They could plead guilty and be considered a felon without hardly any jail time or  go to  court and likely be sentenced up to 25 years.  That was their choice.  Statistically in this country, about 95% of these so-called criminals had plea-bargained or admitted they were guilty, which may or may not have been true.

In this film, the main character, the young black woman with four children was locked up based on an individual writing down her name, so this informant could make his quota.  It was clear that she was innocent.  Should she lie and take the plea bargain or go to court, and wind up in jail for 25 years?  Her mother wanted her to take the plea bargain.

This young black decided to fight even though the prosecutor had her dismissed from her job and was the “judge” who decided whether she should lose her children as a result of a bogus child protective investigation.  Fortunately, she was approached by the ACLU and given an opportunity to take legal action against   this racist prosecutor.  She chose to fight.  So her mental fortitude allowed her to stay in and stand up to the corrupt system. Her toughness
intrigues me as I am thinking about my next project.  Motivation, understanding behavior is a main interest and one reason I became a psychologist.

 My first book: It Has Nothing To Do with Age is  In this book, I address the why factor or the motivation element in understanding why we compete in extreme sports.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stressed Workers and China

Courage is the human virtue that counts most — courage to act on limited knowledge and insufficient evidence. That's all any of us have."– Robert Frost

How true is this statement?  Who has unlimited knowledge, and more than enough of sufficient evidence when it comes to making difficult decisions or for that matter limited ones.  Sometimes we do act as if we are in the dark.  Robert Frost, you are right on.

Linda on Nails and Digger and I went out on the Wendel Robie trail for a short ride and run.  Digger prefers to be behind Linda so he can chase after her. When we get in front, Digger sometimes stops to wait for Linda. It is much easier for me to stay behind her, and not have to drag him along.

Another safe trail ride  for Linda with a surefooted horse, like Nails ,works for me.  Linda has a sound, well schooled horse that is great in both endurance and trail riding.  She did well with her horse selection.

Get a load of this article found in Wall Street Journal, September 14, 2011.  It is titled: China’s Remedy for Stressed Workers: “They Need the Hoohah.” I know you are dying to find out about the “Hoohah.” China has stressed workers also so they have joined the club.  According to scientists at China’s General Sports Administration, Chinese are facing more pressure than ever before, and they need a way to release that pressure.

The government promoted a 40 minute workout, full of kung fu type lunges and kicks that was est. by Chairman Mao in 1951 to train China’s proletariat in the fight against the capitalist West.  Currently the exercise has been overhauled to prepare the masses for the next stage of the fight-a long, a healthy future in front of their computers.  The scientists found after a full year of analyzing the way Chinese bodies changed since the eighth edition was released in 1997 and formulated  the best methods of combating the-stiffer necks, tighter shoulders ,and bigger bellies. Does this sound familiar? How are you dealing with too much time at the computer?  I know for me that running and sit ups have been useful for me.

Currently, they are incorporating vocal elements or tribal like chants to their calisthenics, and that is called Hoohah.  One might want to research their method, especially if you are spending lots of time at your computer.  Good luck to you.

It Has Nothing To Do With Age is available at Barnes & Noble, and soon on Amazon.  I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trail Riding , SAT Scores,and AMAZON

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."– Theodore Roosevelt
President Roosevelt's statement makes sense to me. One definitely wants to be grounded, and at the same time look to the future while setting accomplishable goals.  We do not want to lose our balance and in the process stumble .  So it is important to keep centered.

Last night Linda asked me if I would go out today with Nails as she did not think she would have neither the time nor the energy.  I thought about it and decided that I would honor her request and take her horse on the trail.  I figured I would ride him and then run while ponying him with the reins.  I did not know beforehand what he would be like.  Would he be a handful? Would he run up behind me or would he allow me to have space while running?   I decided that I would run with him, along wide sections of the trail. My experiment began.

I started out by riding him up a steep hill.  He was not thrilled about going up that incline.  Then we proceeded, and I quickly find out that he did well running alongside me.  Shortly after, we ran on a single track trail, and he ran behind me without an incident.  When I would stop running, he would stop too.  So our experience of being on the trail together, both riding and running worked out well.  In essence, it was an easy day for me and an easy day for Nails.

Linda will no doubt be happy that I took him out and exercised him.  She would like me to begin riding again as she enjoys that experience. Her horse is delightful, responsive and well schooled.

I am excited that It Has Nothing To Do with Age can be purchased from Barnes & Noble.  At the moment, I do not have Internet service, so I am not sure if it is now available on Amazon.  I have a book delivery coming, and am hopeful that my books arrive either today or tomorrow.  I am scheduled to do a presentation for the Rotary club at the Buckeye restaurant.  I told Norm, the coordinator, that I wanted to have books in hand for the presentation.

On another note, I made this observation.  In the Wall Street Journal, September 15, 2011, there is an article about SAT scores.  The 2011 high school graduating class scores fell in reading and writing.  Apparently, these scores were the lowest ever recorded.  The results were from 1.6 million students .These scores suggested that only about 43% of the students posted a score high enough to succeed in college.  According to the College Board, students have to score1550 out of a possible 2400. A score of 1550 is associated with a 65% chance of getting a least a B- average in the first year of college.  I am not going to talk about the validity and reliability of the SAT and the prediction for college success.  What I am to talk about is that that the scores have dropped.

Does this mean that students United States are learning at a slower or lower rate, studying less, or having more distractions in their lives?  My guess is that proficiency with electronics, texting, and games has increased.  I am sure they know how to operate that” I pod “and their singing and dancing is great so they can become TV idols.  Perhaps the values are changing and proceeding in a self-defeating direction. Take President Roosevelt’s advice and keep your feet on the ground .Studying, learning, and doing well in school is hard work.

Monday, September 19, 2011

It Has Nothing to do With Age and Geocaching

"The highest reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it."– John Ruskin
The process of writing my book has been unbelievable to say the least. I have benefited in so many ways. John Ruskin makes a good point.
Linda Nails and I went out for a short 5- 6 mile trail ride and trail run.  Both Linda and I were tired, and therefore we went easy today.  We stopped at Rec Lake, talked to the maintenance people, and then continued on our loop.  Just prior to reaching the cul-de-sac, I mounted Nails and rode him until we reached the street. Linda suggested that I ride him up our hill and I did so.  Well, at least I got in some running today.
After getting home, I talked with  my publisher about my book. It is official, It Has Nothing To Do  With Age is currently on the Barnes & Noble website, and I am told will be on the Amazon website later this week.  Wow!  It finally happened. The book has been printed, and now is available for purchase either from me, Barnes & Noble, and soon Amazon.
I remember back in January -February in the year 2009.  I am sitting in my office with my 24 – 7 hour neck brace, severely limited.  I do not like my limitations and expect to be around the house for a least a few months .That prospect is not pretty.  Okay, what shall I do with my time in this condition?  Why not write a book.  The last 12 years has been very interesting in that my life changed.  I owe a lot of that change to the ride and tie sport and the people that I met associated with it. For example, I moved from the Bay Area to the foothills in 1999 partly as a result of ride and tie.  I knew about the area because I had competed in a ride and tie in the area shortly before and I knew people living here as well.
My story for the past 12 years or so is about my ride and tie experience, endurance riding, ultra running, and the numerous individuals met on the trail. My going out on the trail with Linda is another illustration as she is part of my story.
One activity that she likes is called geo-caching. For those of you who do not know, this is a treasure hunt activity that incorporates physical activity. Get in your physical exercise while looking for treasures. Go to their website to get geographic coordinates, purchase a GPS, navigator, or smart phone and hit the trail or other places and find your treasure. When you do find that trinket you might leave something in its place.
Go to for information. This fun thing started in 2000 with 75 geocaches and currently has over 1.5 million with about 100,000 in California. Check out the September 15, 2011 Wall Street Journal for their story.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sex Differences and Sleep

"A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval."– Mark Twain

Right on Mark Twain.  Of course, the individual has to understand and be cognizant of who he is for that quote to work.  Know you, keep in harmony, and live the good life.

A survey conducted with 1506 people, by the National Sleep Foundation found the following: 1. Men say they need about 6.2 hours of sleep to function at their best, vs. women who say they need 6.8 hours; 2.  Men are more likely to have sleep apnea, vs. women more often have insomnia;3.  Men tend to be night owls vs. women are more often morning people; 4.  In a sleep lab, men took 23.2 minutes on average to fall asleep, vs. women took 9.3 minutes; 5.  Women tend to get more deep sleep and wake up fewer times during the night than men; 6.  Women overall say they are less satisfied with their sleep than men; 7.  Women living with snorers are three times as likely to have insomnia symptoms as those whose partners do not snore; and 7.  Women’s reaction time, deteriorated less than men’s after five nights of not enough sleep.  After two nights of full sleep, women bounced back more than men. Score one for women,

We all know that getting enough sleep is an important factor in maintaining our health.  This survey points out the gender differences in sleep suggesting another difference between the sexes.  Some researchers believe that differences in sleep patterns could help explain why women live longer than men.  For example, sleep difficulties have been linked in many studies with chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.  Further, people sleeping with a partner claimed they are more satisfied with their sleep or when they are with a loved one. Score two for the women

As far as college students, sleep did help reinforce learning for both sexes.  However, when it comes to perceptual learning, men need a map where the women do not according to another study. Research studies suggest that men do better with a nap as far as learning goes. For women, life changes, including pregnancy and menopause can create problems with sleep. This article is found in the August 23, 2011, Wall Street Journal. Score another one for the women. Women win the battle over sleep.

Hopefully, we can begin to appreciate and understand the differences between the sexes.  I know for me, I enjoy taking an afternoon nap when I can.  I do not have a problem falling or waking up after my siesta.  Europeans had it correct when they took their siestas during the heat of the day.  So women are from Venus and men are from Mars, which is part of the story.  Appreciate your differences and know yourself.

After Linda, Nails, Digger, and I returned from our trail run and ride, I ordered books from my publisher, and expect to have them shipped next week.  So, you can purchase books from Barnes & Noble, Amazon or me. It is going to take a few weeks before the e-books are available for purchase.  Another phase or more significantly another new phase begins.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It Has Nothing to do With Age Press Release

When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. And that is my religion."– Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln’s quote makes sense, because it implies that he had a conscience.  Being aware of the tremendous difficulty that he faced when he was president, it is obvious that he was torn as a result of his inner turmoil, which meant that he had a conscience. I believe that a well developed superego is an important as far as character development is concerned. Some of the so-called leaders or politicians of today seem to be lacking in their moral turpitude.
I am really excited about my book coming out and with the press release. The following is taken from that release: New book by senior ultra athlete Frank Lieberman, PhD, tells the story of defying age and beginning again.  Does age matter?  Author Frank Lieberman PhD, reminds us that we can defy many things, including a number.
 September 19, 2011-Frank Lieberman paints us a different picture of today’s seniors; a group of people with dreams, goals, and the ability to do things most people would consider absolutely insane, all in the name of adding meaning and passion to their lives.  Lieberman’s first book, It Has Nothing to Do with Age, welcomes us to the world of senior ultra- athletes.
You will get lost in this testimonial of the 65 and older age group who pushed their physical, mental, and emotional limits to unfathomable levels.  Explore the underlying motivation of these passionate men and women as they undertake such grueling athletic endeavors as the Tevis Cup, The Hawaiian Iron man, the Molokai to Oahu Outrigger canoe race, and the Swanton Pacific 100 mile Ride and Tie. Let inspiration consume you through the powerful drive and determination of these extreme athletes who undeniably prove that they are not defined by their age.
It Has Nothing To Do With Age is a 224 page Non- Fiction paperback with a retail price of $15.99.   The ISBN is: 9780983676409. Published through Winter Goose Publishing and available now through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Today, Linda was riding Nails and I was running for our morning workout at the Olmsted trail.  During this morning workout, Linda mentioned my mental toughness.  Later on, I started thinking in more detail about this topic from a psychological viewpoint.  And then my mind went to various people that I knew that would be good interviewees.  I also picked up my orthotics today and talked with my friend Steve, who gave me additional ideas regarding this topic.  More to follow at a later date.  I am excited.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rush Creek Arabian , University of Michigan,and Monday Night Football

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading."– Lao-Tzu
Linda’s new horse is from Nebraska and is a Rush Creek Arabian.  She is thrilled with her purchase, and I can see why.  This horse is responsive, quiet, and has a history of soundness.  Nails seems like a pleasure to ride, and I am thinking about him and ride and tie.  Nails, Linda, and I have gone out every day either alone or with other riders such as Carrie, Jean, Lon, or Susan.  Linda has ridden the Olmsted loop, as well as an ALT loop.  So far so good.   Linda did right with your horse selection; and I have been getting in my trail running.
On another note, this past weekend has been great and I will tell you why.  Last Saturday, the University of Michigan football team faced Notre Dame in Ann Arbor, with its first night game.  The attendance for that game set a new college attendance record with over 114,000.  This stadium has been referred to as the Big House an appropriate fitting name.
The game started out with Notre Dame, dominating for about three quarters.  Then the last quarter came with all the excitement.  In a little over a minute, three touchdowns were scored two by Michigan and one by Notre Dame.  At 8 seconds left in the game, Michigan’s Denard Robinson threw a touchdown pass, leaving the game clock with 2 seconds left for an unbelievable conclusion.  Needless to say, I was extremely happy for that outcome.
Then, on Monday night, there was an NFL doubleheader.  In the first game, the Patriot quarterback was Tom Brady and the Dolphin quarterback was Chad Henne.  The significance is simply as they are both University of Michigan quarterbacks.  Alright I am a Wolverine fan.  Further, I hosted Monday night football for my football buddies.  Next week, Kevin is going to be the host.
For the second game, the Raiders and Broncos played their first game of the season.  That second game did not start till after seven o’clock and seemed to drag on because of the numerous penalties.  The ending was great as the Raiders won the game.  I am also a Raider fan.
More good news.  I just received a terrific well-written press release about my new book from the publisher.  They told me that the release is dated September 19 and likely be ready for distribution that week by Barnes & Noble, as well as Amazon.  The book is available in paperback with a retail price of $15.99. I believe it will also be available in e-book.  In case you have forgotten the title is “It Has Nothing To Do with Age” with an ISBN number: 9780983676409.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Linda's New Horse and Cool Ride and Tie

"You miss 100% of the shots you never take."– Wayne Gretzky
Today, I got up early and did a short 5 mile trail run.  It was important for me to get back home quickly.  I had to rearrange pipe corrals for Linda’s new horse.  She came home yesterday evening and told me that her pocketbook was lighter after her purchase.  Needless to say she was both relieved and excited about her new prospect.  She did not particularly like the process of looking for a new horse. Thank goodness that is done.
The corral work assignment got completed and the stall is ready.  Shortly, we are going to leave to pick up the horse; and if she has energy will do a short ride in the arena.  The plan for tomorrow is to meet Carrie and Jean and head to the Knickerbocker-Olmsted trail.  We intend to complete the long loop for the Cool Ride and Tie.  Linda and Jean are going to ride, while Carrie and I will be on the ground running.
Carrie and Jean recently moved to Pilot Hill.  Carrie is from Marin County and Jean from back East or more specifically Boston. Carrie currently has been the race director for the Quicksilver ride and tie and a strong competitor.  Even though she has recently recovered from a lung issue and not in great running shape, she is likely to be the favorite  at the Cool Ride & Tie since her partner is Mark Richtman.  If their team wins, Mark will become the newly crowned King of the Cool Ride and Tie.  A win would give him  a total of three in the six-year history. He currently is tied with Tom Johnson with two victories each.  By the way, I won the event in 2008 with a young, terrific youngster named Josh Steffen.  Josh is currently in the Air Force getting his wings. Keep flying Josh.
Do not forget the Cool Ride and Tie to be held on October 1.  You are invited to attend. I will also keep you posted   about Linda and her new horse.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Savant Syndrome and Kim Peek

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives."– Annie Dillard

How many of you remember the movie Rain Man? Dustin Hoffman played an autistic savant in the movie. Screenwriter Barry Morrow was inspired by Kim Peek a non- autistic savant and created the eventual character Raymond Babbitt for the film. Mr. Peek is actually a warm and engaging personality who enjoys the attention from others.
Kim was born in 1951 with a very unusual brain. His brain is very large nearing 5 pounds in weight which is about the 97th percentile in size for humans. He has no corpus callosum, which is the band of fibers that connects the right and left cerebral hemispheres. Also absent are the anterior and posterior commissures or two other connecting pathways between the two hemispheres. Also, his cerebellum part of the brain dealing with balance and coordination is small, underdeveloped, and malformed.
At age 16 to 20 months, Kim was able to memorize every book that was read to him while his parents moved his finger along each sentence being read. At age 3 he read the dictionary to look up words according to the alphabet. He memorizes the book after a single reading. He memorized the Tom Clancy book The Hunt for Red October in a little over an hour.  He has read and can recall exactly the contents of over 9000 books.
Kim does lightning fast calendar calculations. When given someone’s date of birth, Kim can rather instantly say what day of the week the birthday fell, what day of the week it will fall on this year, and the day of the week that the person will attain at the retirement age of 65. He is also a walking Map Quest being able to provide specific driving directions and mileage between addresses in the United States.
Since the movie Rain Man, Kim has become famous. He has become more social and outgoing and has traveled over 1,000,000 miles and has appeared before 2 million people. He has memorized hundreds of classical musical compositions and beginning in June of 2002 has begun to play them on the piano. One might say that fame has gone to his head but in this case in a good way. This information was presented in a continuing education class on cerebral dominance.
So even a savant has been able to develop and lead a more productive life despite some of the other limitations. The moral of the story is to develop what you have and become all that is possible. It might be to your advantage to begin thinking about changes in life’s direction since only you are the captain of the ship.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

LDL,Plant Based Fat and Protein,and Exercise

"A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work."– John Lubbock
Low density lipoprotein or LDL is referred to as the bad cholesterol. This LDL is associated with heart disease and was the topic of the study by Iris Shai, a clinical researcher, who evaluated food quality versus total fat quantity. The participants in the study were instructed to eat either a diet low in saturated fat or add to their diets plant-based foods. They found that eating more plant-based fat and protein lowered   cholesterol more than eating a diet low in saturated fat.
So it seems that replacing sources of saturated fat such as red meat and dairy products with sources of healthy fats like nuts and soy products has greater benefits. Also, the LDL benefit might be the greater for people with poor diets. Dr. David Jenkins suggests   swapping veggie burgers for hamburgers or soy milk for dairy milk. Other examples of plant-based fat and protein to consider include: 1. Plant sterol enriched margarine; 2. Peanuts and tree nuts; 3. Soy milk, tofu and soy meat products; 4. Oats, barley and other sticky or viscous fibers. Who needs statin drugs? This article was found in the Wall Street Journal August 24, 2011.
In the August 29, 2011 issue of Time, there was a research article that stated “15 minutes of daily exercise is associated with a 14% lower risk of death and an increase in life expectancy of three years”. There were 400,000 people in this study from Taiwan and they were followed for 8.5 years.  Just think of all those lucky people who exercised for 15 minutes a day.
Also, scientists have now developed a system that ranks obesity on a five-point scale. The more serious a person’s health complications as a result of obesity such as diabetes and high blood pressure and organ damage the higher the scale score. On a scoring system those individuals who scored a two or above   were  1.5  times  more likely to die quicker than those scoring zero or one on this scale . In other words it’s   possible to identify or predict those most likely to die quicker from weight related causes utilizing the scale. Are you interested in finding out your score? If you are, consult the Edmonton Obesity Staging System.
It is becoming clear that the further we deviate from being a caveman or a hunter and gatherer, the more likely we will be in the need for medical treatment. Lack of physical activity and eating processed foods are contributing to a very unhealthy society.
 Current research suggests that we don’t have to be ultra-athletes to satisfy  the exercise component. I remember back when I was in public school and we had mandatory PE. That class was somewhere around 60 minutes in length and was five days a week. There were not a whole lot of overweight or obese kids when I was in school.  Well, I know that exercise is only part of the story; however it is a very important part. Consider increasing time spent in a physical activity. Maybe incorporate the findings in the study conducted in Taiwan and start with 15 minutes a day. Who knows it may change your life? I ran on the trail today and so can you.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Glycemic Index and Training

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." – T.S. Eliot

Did you know that half of all Americans drink a soda or sugary beverage each day? One in 20 people drink the equivalent of more than four cans of soda each day. This is a study conducted by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and was based on person-to-person interviews with more than 17,000 people between 2005 through 2008. However, diet sodas, sweetened teas, flavored milk and 100% fruit juice didn’t count in this study. The sweet tooth winners are teenage boys as they drank the most sugary drinks. On the average ,males ages 12 through 19 drink nearly 2 cans of soda each day. These statistics were found in the Wall Street Journal September 1, 2011.

We do like our sugar and especially us boys. I know after a trial run  I look forward to drinking my smoothie which consists of fruits and vegetables. That’s what I did today after a short 6 mile morning run. The longer the distance or the more time spent on the trail the more sweet stuff the better.

 The October 2011 issue of Trail Runner added a few statistics. The article stated that the average American consumes 22 teaspoons of added sugar each day or 355 additional calories. Sweetener consumption has jumped by 19% since 1970. What does this mean for the runner?

According to Matthew Kadey, sugar laden foods or drinks with a high GI index like white bread, ice cream or high sugar energy bars about an hour before run may cause the runner to tire more quickly as a result of a  spike in blood sugar which forces the pancreas to pump out large amounts of insulin .  If this happens then there is a loss in performance because of the drop in blood sugar during exercise.

However, sugar spiked foods are recommended during training or on the trail because of the necessary glycogen requirement the body requires because it helps with energy storage. So when you’re out running on the trail and feel punk you likely require a sugar boost. One rule to follow is that if you’re exercising for less than an hour then water should be sufficient. And, if you’re exercising for over an hour consider consuming 30 to 60 g of simple carbohydrates for each hour.

The article went on to state that it’s recommended to get those carbs after exercise. I totally subscribe to that view because that’s what I want it. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like carbs during the rest of the day. I certainly don’t want you to get the wrong impression.

The article went on to recommend alternatives to our heavily processed refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup combinations: 1. Molasses;, 2. Date sugar; 3. Maple syrup; 4. Freeze dry powder; 5. Honey.

 Oh well I might as well mention that I have a dental appointment today since I have a cavity that needs filling.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lew Hollander , Hawaiian Ironman, and Ride & Tie

A bad habit never disappears miraculously; it's an undo-it-yourself project."– Abigail Van Buren
Lew Hollander is a man that has a varied background. Aside from being an exceptional athlete, he is a noteworthy scientist with many patents to his credit. In fact, he will gladly discuss with you nano principles or topics relating to synchronicity or resonance. Take your pick and I’m sure you have a topic to discuss with him in or out of the sports world.
Since the Cool ride and tie is coming up on October 1, let us take some of his expertise found in his book “Endurance Riding.” He makes the following points: 1. be calm and quiet around the horse; stand in the shade if it is hot; as soon as the horses pulse nears the criteria, send the crew person backwards up the trail to intercept the incoming runner to tell the runner where the crew is stationed and the horse is ready. 2. The horse must be watered as thoroughly as possible with tepid water; wash the horses front legs and neck first with cold water; if it is cold and windy out avoid putting too much water on the hind quarters and the big muscles of the body; and if the weather is cold or windy use a cooler a blanket to keep the horse’s body warm. 3. Help your runner in every possible way so that he may conserve his energy ; if there are no problems , a runner will  vet the horse through and hit the trail once again; a tired runner can find it  a tremendous effort just to find the timer, get the card signed and find the out trail.  Last but not least, have the rider get off his horse when he can go faster on foot.  His suggestions are right on so incorporate them into your race strategy.
Lew’s humor is best illustrated with some the following quotes from his book: 1. you must make up in your feet what you lack in your head. He got that one from his wife’s father. 2. Life is uncertain; eat dessert first. 3. You have to do with what you got because that’s what pays off in the end. Brer Rabbit 4. It is better to have a hen tomorrow than an egg today. Fortune cookie. Way to go young man – keep that humor.
By the way, Lew is the oldest competitor to complete the world ride and tie championship long course. That’s a neat record that he would say is” just for your ego.” For his ego’s sake I wish him well in this year’s Hawaiian Iron man so he will have that record as well. Read my chapter on him to find out his secrets.