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It Has Nothing To Do With Age provides self-help principles. The inspirational stories give concrete illustrations of overcoming many of life's challenges. Difficulties pertaining to depression, grief, divorce, and death are presented and worked through by the participants. Physical impairments, injuries, overcoming issues with weight, alcohol, and nicotine are also dealt with and resolved by the athletes.

This book provides a model on how to overcome some of the difficulties that confront all of us . Further, this read sheds a beacon of light on preventive measures for good physical and mental health. Research demonstrates that exercise is an important component in treating such ailments and debilitating illness such as depression, stroke, heart disease, brain or cognitive malfunction,and Alzheimer's disease.

I suggest that proper exercise can be used as a preventive measure for psychological, cognitive, and physical health as well. Follow my prescription and lead a better, more fulfilling, and healthier life.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Why Do Good/Bad Things Happen?

Do Things Happen for a Reason?
In 2009, while riding on the trail I suffered a broken neck when I was thrown from my horse Gypsy. Some people would look for some reason to explain that incident. Perhaps, some people thought there was some explanation that could explain that terrible accident. Did it happen because it was God’s plan for me? Did it happen because I was bad and was being punished by God? Was it based on chaos theory? Was Richard Dawkins( October 19,The New York Times) correct when he stated, “precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, and no good, nothing but blind pitiless indifference. “ What about Sigmund Freud who believed there were no accidents and that an accident could be explained psychologically.

Instead of explaining that particular accident, I’m going to tell a story. Prior, to that accident in 2009, I was spending my time and finding meaning in competing in ride and tie, endurance riding and in running events. I was focused in part on personal health and keeping my horses in great condition.
When the accident occurred, I found myself in a neck brace 24/7, and confined to my house. I wasn’t running or keeping my horses conditioned. So I asked myself, how do I   want to spend the next month or two? In a short amount of time I decided to write a book. I thought about writing about people who compete in ultra-extraneous sports. I knew many people that I could interview from ride and tie, endurance and running who fit the profile. So arbitrarily, I decided to focus on individuals that were 65 years of age and older who were still competing.

When I healed, I decided to give up competing with my equines and instead focused on running, being healthy, and writing about health and motivation. After, It Has Nothing to Do with Age was published, another idea emerged- mental toughness.

The idea of mental toughness and football was another good fit for me because of my experience and interest in that particular sport. And when I met Mike Keller, the idea was further refined when I wrote about the 1969 transformation of Michigan football in a book titled, Bo’s Warriors- Bo Schembechler and the Transformation of Michigan Football.

If I had not had that serious neck injury, in 2009, I likely would not have had two books published by 2014. I cannot say that I was happy to experience that particular injury nor was it some sort of divine intervention. But what I can say, is that my life changed. I now focus on physical health, running, writing and a number of other book related activities. Is the quality of my life better now than it was before? I would not say that its better, but what I would say is that it’s challenging, gratifying and different. In order to make things happen, I have to put in the effort.

Oh by the way, yesterday’s half marathon went well and Tony won his age division. In the meantime, keep moving, laughing, smiling, bonding, loving and appreciating.


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