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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Thoughts about Aggression Part 2

We understand that adaptive aggression serves us well and is necessary for life. However, if we view malignant aggression as a character flaw, and that man can be driven by impulses to kill, torture and feels just doing so, then we have a major problem. This malignant aspect sets man apart from animal as the human animal is the only one that both kills and destroys his own species. Individuals whose character structure have developed the potential for killing and destroying life under pretense of God’s will, or some other distortion are to be feared. These individuals are not worthy of being loved as they can be characterized as loving death, destruction and are driven to exploit and to control others. Not only are they deviants who hate life as opposed to loving life, they have a necrophilia orientation and worship violence and destruction. The use force  ,  torture, to humiliate and kill their possessions as their victims are not seen as individual people .These necrophilia’s  are not capable of loving others with  mutual respect,  equal sharing in a non-possessiveness, non-dominating atmosphere. This means that the hope for rehabilitation for these individuals is extremely limited and that improving their socioeconomic, educational conditions is not the answer.

Another characteristic of individuals that have developed an anti-life philosophy and behavior relates to their engaging in some terrorist bombing, killing- kidnapping episode. What is often the case, is that a homicide mission becomes a suicide mission as well. This is perfect example of sadomasochism behavior. The end result is in their humiliation, capture, death, or prison. They have no future here on earth.

To Be Continued


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