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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lew Hollander and the Hawaiian Ironman

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." – T.S. Eliot

Linda and I entertained Jack and Joan Sholl, Secretariat a.k.a. Tony Brickel and his wife Debbie last night. Over the past few months I’ve talked about Jack in glowing terms to Secretariat. He had some reservations and doubt not believing the numerous stories that I told about him. Well, he recently said that Jack is all that I claimed he was. Great! Jack entertained us with his exploits over the years and the different people, celebrities, and royalty that he has met in the process. Jack’s wife Joan is super also. She was a rower and has been an official representing the United States in various national and international competitions. Also, she was the first woman is official in rowing in the Olympics held in Atlanta, Georgia. On some levels it’s too bad that I can’t add more to my chapter on Jack because this man has many-good qualities. I hope my chapter on him truly does him justice.
Another man that I interviewed for my book is Lew Hollander. It’s difficult to remember when I first met Lew. It was either when I read his book “Endurance Riding-From Beginning to Winning” or at the ride and tie championship in Eur Valley where we had adjacent corrals. Shortly after that in 2002, at the AERC convention, in Reno, Tom Kristoff, Linda Rodgers, Joe Larkin, Lew, and I went out for a Sunday morning run. On that day he said” I can run all day like this.”
Lew is an amazing individual. Last year after completing the Hawaiian Iron man he became the second oldest finisher. Next month, he goes after the record to become the oldest Hawaiian Iron man finisher. Don’t bet against this man as he is phenomenal. His strong suit is swimming and he has improved in his biking ability. At the moment there is no reason why he can’t break this record. Good luck and good fortune.
Aside from mastering the Hawaiian Iron man Dr. Hollander has mastered endurance riding. Even if you are in endurance rider, I suggest that you consider taking a look at his book.  To illustrate, back in 1978 he proposed a high-fat diet and a usable fat feeding program for the athletic horse. He also came up with an inexpensive way to electrolyte your horse with the use of Lite Salt.  It works as I incorporated Lew’s Mix in both endurance and ride and tie events. He introduced the “Vet Gate” at an AERC convention in Reno. He also was instrumental in the rider mileage program or the “to compete is to win”. He has made many contributions to these sports.
This man is  a physicist and continues to present papers at scientific meetings. He has numerous patents and has made invaluable contributions to our society. Incidentally, he also wrote a book on climate change called “And Chocolate Shall Lead Us.”  You may or may not agree with his politics but we can all agree on his intelligence and brilliance. Pat Browning once told me “He is one tough man and I have to work like hell to beat him.”


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