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Friday, August 5, 2011

Ride & Tie Reunion

Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action."– Benjamin Disraeli

Last Saturday, Chris Turney, Tony, and I attended the Snow Tent Slide Ride and Tie near Nevada City. The race managers for this event included Cheryl Domnitch, Susan Smyth, and Donna Jones. Chris planned to team up with Pat Browning on Willey ,Pat’s horse.

Way back on 19th of August in 1984, Chris and Pat first became ride and tie partners at the world ride and tie championship held in Park City, Utah at a distance of 38 miles.  On that August date they finished 14th out of 85 teams. On a side note, coming in 13th (5 minutes earlier) was Steve Shaw’s team. I mention that because Steve assisted in the marking of the trail this time.
Incidentally, Pat has completed 29 and Chris 18 Ride & Tie Championships; Pat has over 2,700 and Chris close to 2,600 ride and tie miles. Willey has 14 championships and was inducted into the Ride and Tie Hall of Fame in 2010. Over the years, Chris thought that he has been Pat’s teammate about 24 times and the majority with Willey.
For this ride and tie they planned to do a short 12 ½ mile course. Chris was honored that Pat recruited him for a partner since Willey is going to be retired after the Cool Ride and Tie in October. The three of them did fine. Their goal, this time, was to complete the event without racing the equine. This is unlike the past when they raced and did very well as a team.
The long course was won by Rufus Schneider and her partner, followed by Gunilla Pratt and Mike Whelan. Coming in third was Melissa Ribley and Cathy Scott. The head veterinarian was Jen Mather accompanied by husband Jim along with their seven-week-old baby boy.
Tony and I started out by running the 12 1/2  mile second loop so we didn’t have to deal with all the horses and the dust. Completing the second loop we met volunteers Laura Christofk and son Colt. We stopped and chatted with them for a while and then continued with a 4 mile portion of the first loop. It was good seeing and talking with the ride and tie family again. Come join us on October 1 for the Cool Ride and Tie.
Chris, Tony, and I met on Sunday and did a short easy run to start the week.


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