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Friday, November 16, 2012

In A League Of Her Own

“The Best Way Out Is Through” Robert Frost
This information about Helen Hanna Campbell was provided by Secretariat. Helen was a friend of his mom’s. Her story is fitting since another Veterans Day holiday has passed. Helen was born in 1916. She is a retired Marine master gunnery sergeant with 32 career years. She has been all over the world in such places as: Australia, Italy, Bangkok, Tahiti, Yucatan, Russia etc.
She was a veteran of three wars and is a volunteer for the police department in Fountain Valley; Ca. helps us out at the El Toro Marine Air Station, and is also a docent at the Richard Nixon Library. Helen attended high school with none other than Richard Nixon, earned a business degree in college and enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1943.
Helen’s father was a professional baseball player for 30 years and played for the New York Yankees with Babe Ruth. She became a chaperon for women baseball players. Do you remember the movie “A League of Their Own?” She stayed with the girl’s baseball team until after the Korean War when she was recalled to active duty for Marine Corps. She lost one husband in the Korean War and another one in Vietnam.
According to Helen,” the Marines were the last to take women because the commandant did not want skirts with his male Marines but we showed them.”  Well, this US Marine has stories that are probably not fit to print. It would have been fun to be a fly on the wall during her glorious life. Helen, thank you for serving our country as you certainly plowed the path for today’s women in the military.

From  Secretariat: My mom met Helen in her 80’s at a swimming class for seniors. They also both volunteered into there 90’s at the senior home. Where they helped serve dinner. Most everyone there were younger then they were. My mom got a kick out of that. She also said she never wanted to be a resident there as everyone there were old. My mom never did go to the senior home living out her life at home on her terms. My mother died at home in July at age 96. We do not know how Helen is her phone had been disconnected when we tried to call in July. They were both the same age. I only got to meet Helen once and she immediately wanted to talk baseball. She also talked about her time in the Marines, which she dearly loved. 
Be like Helen “keep moving.”


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