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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hamas and the Palestinians

Some comments about the current Israeli-Hamas Palestinian conflict. In some ways, it appears that David (Hamas) is fighting Goliath (Israeli Defense Forces-IDF). It is well-known that Hamas stands for, and has a mission predicated on death (self or others), destruction, hate of Jews and infidels, along with advocating radical Islam. It seems that this gang does not have difficulty in taking money, arms or utilizing propaganda for their aims. And it doesn’t matter that the country they are attacking has a superior military. So, they wager an unorthodox or guerrilla warfare, to some extent. On the one hand, they fire advanced rockets and missiles and on the other hand they are like ants underground (wearing masks ),hide and come out of their holes (tunnels) looking for un-expecting prey. They do not have any difficulty attacking civilians nor do they follow the traditional or Geneva rules of warfare.
For this band of characters, their goals and aims are apparent based on their behavior. They do not seek peace, harmony, brotherhood or love toward others, but instead are motivated, by the dark side (aggressive and self-destructive) of human nature. Their thinking and their behavior seem consistent with the desire to kill or be killed regardless of the consequence or concern about others. It’s obvious that other peaceful (children, ill or elderly) Palestinians does not appear to concern them. The fact that a great number of casualties are mounting along with the massive destruction of infrastructure does not halt their military behavior, but instead motivates. It’s as if this Hamas group wants more death and destruction to come to themselves and/or other people, regardless.
Perhaps, Hamas justifies their behavior because of the victim portrayal by the Palestinians and they know they will receive huge sums of money and resources as a consequence. With more money and other resources they can continue in the future to pursue, act and rationalize their hateful ideology.
A word about the Palestinians-civilians in Gaza. On the one hand, these people are perceived as victims and innocent of the warfare. Yet, based on opinion polls and some form of election, Hamas was voted in, and these Palestinians support what Hamas is doing militarily. If you support by voting for and believe that your elected group is acting responsibly and in your interests, then there’s a question (are you really being a victim or are you employing irrational judgment?). By the way, according to  The American College Dictionary : military “of or pertaining to the Army, Armed Forces, affairs of war, or a state of war; having the characteristics of a soldier; solidarity.” Further, the definition of militarism, “military spirit or policy; the tendency to regard military efficiency as a supreme ideal of the state and to subordinate all other interests to those of the military.” And the definition of militarist “one skilled in the art of war.” As a contrast, civilian “one engaged in civil pursuits; one first in our studying the Roman or civil law.”
A civilian can be defined by behavior and belief. A supporter of Hamas doesn’t have to carry a gun on his shoulder or wear a uniform. If the Palestinians get word that an attack is coming; have a tunnel beneath their home; have rockets shooting toward Israel in their vicinity, and choose to stay in that location, then this suggests they are complicit in and are on the same page as Hamas, then they are not victims but accomplices. This is because  there are many in the Middle East, whose  personality and character development are  bent on following(submitting)  to so-called leaders that have a vicious ideology(some irrational political or religious interpretation) , even though this  results in a negative or harmful self-interest.

Belief and behavior are influenced by personality development within the social milieu. If one grows up hating others, then it is not surprising they turn to destructive, irrational and self-defeating behavior patterns. In our country and Israel for example, individuals have an opportunity to work, to love and to give or nurture others. Many Palestinians in Gaza have been on a self-defeating journey for quite some time. In order to change, much needs to happen. Taking personal responsibility for their lives might be possible if one can break through defenses of denial, rationalization and projection.


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