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Friday, August 8, 2014

Middle East Tragedy -Part2

Part two
 It is not surprising that there are many Palestinians who are victims. Also, it’s no surprise that Hamas has many willing supporters and doesn’t need to advertise for recruitment. Scarcity, economic and educational limitations, poverty and negative self-feelings provides a fertile breeding ground for developing a sense of hopelessness, hate, envy, aggression, death and destruction. Providing weapons and rockets with the illusion of open borders or killing infidels will not solve the problem psychologically. It will take more than a democracy or a free state to free the Palestinians from their emotional shackles.
Taking a look at the sadistic orientation of these individuals, we find at one extreme of the continuum members who join and become part of a terrorist group. These terrorists are also individuals that have what appears to have a want or a love of death and destruction. They seem to worship force and express a drive or wish to kill. We can call them necrophilia’s. We might even say their motto is something like “long-live death.” They are very different from the majority-those individuals who want to preserve life; who have a drive to survive, grow and become creative and productive. In other words, the majority want to build not to destroy or demolish.
Remember Freud talked about two instinctual drives in man-Eros (life living instinct) and Thanatos (death instinct). However, it’s safe to say that growing up with  scarcities in a social-economic environment along with interpreting religious teachings in a sadistic way, being around much death, illness and injury, with fright, and anxiety as usual occurrences also plays a significant part in the development of the personality and character types that thrive on death.
It seems that these terrorists have a drive or orientation towards necrophilia, which seems to dominate their personality and seems to be stronger than loving and embracing life. It seems that these individuals appear to be attracted and fascinated by all that is dead like corpses and decay. Not only that their thinking and talk centers on destruction, killing, building bombs, obsessively plotting and planning. For these, they seem to love force and power and have a great capacity to kill-it seems to be their way of life. They clearly despise those that lack power and pray on innocents, unsuspecting children, women and older adults. They shamefully cover their faces, they hide among others, they live underground, and they even shoot their weapons in the air as some symbolic demonstration at funerals as to say “look at me, aren’t I strong and powerful, look what I can do.”
These necrophilia’s would rather lose their life like in a suicide bombing and are willing to kill or die for what they rationalize as injustice, revenge, religious meaning and economic gain. In fact, killing others is made easier because they don’t actually perceive and kill people as people. Instead, they think of their victims as actually innate objects or things. There also without conscience, and unable to concern themselves about others.

Thank goodness necrophilia orientation doesn’t dominate mankind. That does not mean you ignore this kind. As we know, there is much misery in the world and with misery, we tend to find these dynamics. No one ever said it’s easy, since we have a lot of work to do to make things better for all.


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