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Friday, December 19, 2014

Linda's Surgery

Linda’s One Tough Lady

 Last Friday, December 12, my wife Linda had her second knee replacement. Her first knee replacement operation was performed on October 13 of this year. Linda’s second surgery seemed smoother than her first. In fact she only spent an hour in recovery. In October, the recovery took longer as she was nauseous. Before having this second operation, we talked to the doctor, about her difficulty with the medication prescribed. We wanted to make sure the changes would be made prior to the second surgery.

When I visited her after her time in recovery, she was alert, smiling and happy. Things were going well and I expected to take her home the following day.  Saturday morning I received a call from Linda and she said, “Come get me, I want to come home.” When I reached the hospital around noon, she was walking around and seemed hyper. That medication really worked. She felt good on the drive home from the hospital.

However, the next day, she began to experience more and more pain and was less chipper. We talked to the nurse and there was an adjustment made to her medication. With additional medication, she felt a little better by Tuesday. Then came Wednesday and she was discouraged because of the recurring pain as she experienced difficulty walking. In fact, she was unable to put her heel down on the floor without experiencing pain.

She had a physical therapy appointment Wednesday afternoon and received treatment about how to walk properly. She was told that her pain was normal and that she just had to work through it. So by hearing that she was progressing and that her discomfort was normal, made all the difference. Instead of stopping because of pain, she learned that she had to push despite the pain. That was all she needed because her attitude changed and she then began walking and doing her stretching exercises as recommended.

So far, each day, little by little, she has progressed. Good for her because she’s a tough lady and she will get through this no doubt with flying colors. Remember, keep moving, smiling, laughing, bonding, loving and appreciating and good things will happen.


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