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Friday, April 20, 2012

Forest Hill,Michigan Bluff ,Tevis Cup and Cool Ride and Tie

Yesterday, Carrie Barrett, Secretariat and I met in Cool.  The plan was to run from Forest Hill to Michigan Bluff and back to introduce Carrie to the Western States Trail.  After approximately an hour drive, we reached downtown Forest Hill.  The elevation at Forest Hill was 3,225 feet.  We proceeded and went through the vet check area before heading down Bath Road towards Michigan Bluff.
Although Secretariat had completed the Tevis 10 times, for his thousand mile buckle, he did not always head in the correct direction. When confronted, he said “it looks different.”  While heading For Michigan Bluff, most of that Rocky trail was uphill.  We reached Volcano Creek which was cold, and the rocks were slippery.  A human chain, allowed us to cross that Creek.  It was a tough climb, going from Forest Hill to Michigan Bluff.  Possibly, the recovery from last Saturday’s trail run at Woodside was a factor.  In any event, we arrived at the historic town of Michigan Bluff at 3,530 feet of elevation.
As we begun our walk down the street, Secretariat and I both recognized Tonya Chandler a longtime resident and Tevis  Cup competitor.  We chatted with her for a while and introduced Carrie so she could have a potential riding partner. We continued walking down the street to show Carrie where the trail entered this town.  We filled our water bottles, and while heading back talked to Gary Hall another resident.
The run back to Forest Hill did not seem easier as the temperature warmed up even more.  Secretariat did not have any difficulty with the direction, going back to Forest Hill.  We reached the car and went across the street to the saloon so Secretariat could have his beer.  I had my smoothie and Carrie had her sandwich.
We agreed to meet back at the pizza place In Cool for dinner that evening.  The plan was for Sue Smyth to meet us for ride and tie meeting.  At the restaurant, I introduced Carrie to Michel Bloch another Tevis Cup competitor and potential riding partner.  Secretariat, Debbie, Sue, Bill, Carrie, Linda and I hung out and had dinner.  Incidentally, Sue, and Carrie are going to be the new race managers for the Cool ride and tie scheduled for September 29, 2012.  See you   there.


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