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Monday, October 7, 2013

Jim Brandstatter the Voice of the Detroit Lions and Michigan Wolverines

In my research on mental toughness, I’ve interviewed a number of Michigan Wolverine football players as well as coach Gary Moeller. One of the Michigan players that I interviewed, is Jim Brandstatter. Jim, was an offensive tackle , and played from  1969-71. Jim has been doing color, on the radio, for all the Michigan Wolverine football games as well as for all the Detroit Lions football games since the 80s. He is the voice.

How would you explain an 18-year-old’s decision, in 1968, to attend and play football for his families and communities arch rival ? Not only that, this 18-year-old’s father was an All-American fullback at Michigan State . Moreover, his father Art Brandstatter  Sr. was a faculty member and headed(director) the School of Criminal Justice . This  well-respected, worldly traveled Brigadier General  educator was appointed by none other than John Hannah, president of Michigan State University.  Oh yeah, the oldest son Art Jr. about 6’3” and weighed 220 pounds and was the  starting-defensive- tight end in 1959, 1960, in 1961 for  these same Michigan State Spartans.  Yes, the youngest Brandstatter, Jim, did just that.

Growing up in East Lansing, Jim attended East Lansing High School. He was the last of the  athletic Brandstatter boys and periodically heard “you have big shoes to fill, and you are the last of the Brandstatters.” Besides , older  brother Art Jr. Allstate in both football and basketball  (East Lansing , and Lansing Hall of Fame)  ; there was  the  all tournament basketball player John ; middle linebacker, big game( wild boar, caribou) bow and arrow hunter-fisherman Bill; Mike , a star, on the state champion football  team .  Wow! This family, I would say, is the epitome of sport junkies.  Did they ever like sports cannot be denied nor their excellence. And ,you can bet that both parents were supportive of that fact.

This  highly competitive athletic Brandstatter family was, of course, well known by administrators, coaches and city residents  as a result of their strong presence and decades of  community involvement. It was not unusual, at all, to see Mrs.  Mary  Brandstatter driving her boys, at times, to the various practices as well as seeing them in attendance of all the many games with her husband. Just think of her full-time job taking five sons to their various sports activities. Would she have time for anything else, let alone herself? Jim’s mother was so well known, respected and supported the coaches that even  Art Jr.’s high school football coach Vince Carrilott asked Mrs. Brandstatter  who  was her favorite coach? It could’ve been. Gus Gunakas Art Jr.’s basketball head coach( he later became Michigan State head basketball coach) however, Vince was surprised when she replied, “ Bo Schembechler.”

More about the “ voice” on a later blog. In any event, I completed my 35K trail run yesterday and I must admit that it was tough, especially as the temperature rose. Although I started cramping up, I was pleased that my Achilles didn’t bother me. I saw familiar faces during the run and after.

In any event, keep moving, smiling, laughing, deep breathing and bonding because it’s good for you.


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