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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Michigan - Indiana Football, October 19, 2013

"Living well and beautifully and justly are all one thing."
– Socrates

Linda and I just returned from Detroit .I went there to compile  research for my upcoming book regarding mental toughness of the 1969, Michigan Wolverines. We also went there for a family reunion  to be with  my cousins. I have a number of cousins living in the Detroit area. Cousins, Richard and Judy hosted a brunch this past Sunday. It was super seeing everyone and catching up with their activities. Also, my sister, Beverly and her mate Roger arrived from the East Coast as well. We are now making plans for other reunion, this time in the Traverse City area next year.

On Thursday, Linda and I met coach Gary Moeller in Ann Arbor. Gary was brought to the University  of Michigan as an assistant coach by Bo Schembechler, the legend. History began that year ,in 1969. Both Gary and Bo were Ohioans. Not only that, Gary was Captain on Woody Hayes’, Ohio State University football team. One of Gary’s coaches at that time was Bo Schembechler.

Gary has a friendly smile and is  a gentleman. We talked about many things during that  2  hour lunch. He then accompanied us  to the ticket office to make sure we got our game tickets for the Michigan-Indiana football game.

Later on, Linda and I met Fritz  Seyferth, the fullback, for the Wolverines for beers.  Fritz is a tall, athletic, young, good-looking  man. We talked about our tickets, that he arranged, and his tailgate for Saturday’s game. He hosted this wonderful tailgate on Saturday and made sure for  Mike Keller and I to go on the field before the game. I  must admit that was an experience being in the Big House with all the activities going on. The players were going through their drills with Brady Hoke and his staff. I also met  previous Michigan head football coach Lloyd Carr.

I sat with Fritz during the game while Linda sat with Beverly, Roger and  my football fan cousin Steve. The game was unbelievable with all the scoring as Michigan won. Also, Mike Keller, All-American defensive end-linebacker  on the 1969 team and Dallas Cowboy with his wife Kimberly met us at the tailgate. Mike is a real joker with a great sense of humor.

Backing up to Friday, Linda and I had lunch with Jim Brandstatter , an offensive  tackle on that 69 team. Jim took us to a Greek restaurant. He knows the Greek menu and ordered a flaming cheese appetizer. He then ordered  a variety of Greek delicacies. As he’s familiar with the owners, especially in Greek town in downtown Detroit, the owner, of this restaurant, brought us a desert that he made  especially for us.

Jim currently does color radio for the Detroit Lions and the Michigan Wolverines. His wife Robbie is involved in rescuing thoroughbreds from the racetrack. These horses are evaluated at Michigan State and then  they  find new owners  to  give these horses new careers.

On Monday, Linda and I had lunch with All American, All-Pro offensive guard and NFL star Reggie McKenzie. Reggie is a large man who is intense and passionate about what is happening in Washington. He used colorful language and was very expressive. He told us many stories, especially the one about captain, All-American, Super Bowl winner Jim Mandich , in the tunnel, just before going out to the playing field during that classic, Michigan, Ohio State game. Jim had tears, was grunting  unintelligible sounds , tense  while facing  and addressing  the entire team. Reggie will never forget that moment.

Stay tuned for more about our trip and  my upcoming book on mental toughness. These players and coaches are very special. They were  super as  18 and 19-year-old Michigan sophomores . They are special as well  today. For example, Reggie McKenzie has a foundation that he started in the 70s to help challenged kids become better students and athletes. Visit his website as you may want to be involved.

Later today, Tony and I are going to do 8 to 10 mile trail run. In the meantime, keep moving, laughing, smiling, deep breathing, bonding, and loving.


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