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Saturday, November 22, 2014

ADHD ,Paleontology, Dopamine ,Montessori and Ritalin

  ADHD and Paleontology
An article in The New York Times, November 2, 2014 got my attention. This article was written by a clinical psychiatry professor regarding A. D. H. D., This professor believes that individuals with this diagnosis have impaired, dopamine receptors (D2, D3) in their rewards circuits. And as a result of these lower levels of dopamine receptors, the individual has more problems with inattention. He went on to say that medication like Adderall and Ritalin help by blocking the transport of dopamine back into neurons and this results in increasing their level (dopamine) in the brain.

Further, he went on to say that those that had an ADHD diagnosis in Paleolithic times had an advantage since these individuals were nomadic hunter gatherers. Being a hunter gatherer meant that you were on the search for food and lived the exciting life because you never knew where your next meal was. It also put you in contact, with many different females because of always being on the move. For these, activity novelty and movement were a good thing.  And then man discovered, and invented agriculture. With this discovery came along a life that became more routine, and likely boring.

In other words, having an ADHD diagnosis was an advantage at first in the evolutionary cycle, but that all changed with the invention of agriculture. So today’s ADHD individual seeks curiosity, exploration, manipulation and activity. And if this is true, how can that individual function effectively in a rigid sitting like being at a desk in a school program or sitting at a desk in some office. One theory of motivation is tension reduction. For these ADHD individuals, tension reduction doesn’t work. They need an environment that is actually tension induction.

So this psychiatrist believes that it’s important to be in the right environment for individuals with this diagnosis. More than likely the ADHD person becomes bored, inattentive and restless in many of today’s venues. What becomes interesting to some becomes very negative or uninteresting to the ADHD individual. And an explanation of why some individuals seem to outgrow their ADHD symptoms is because as adults have found work that is more interesting, creative and challenging. They don’t have to function on one thing at one time. They can have three computer screens and leave many Tabs open at one time and flourish in that activity.

It is also clear that some computer games are more drive inductive (inducing), which means the more you play the more excitement and challenge. If you have a child or know somebody that does have an ADHD diagnosis or is doing poorly in school, it might be related to the school environment. And if you don’t want to use meds, then think about changing the school or the teaching philosophy. A Montessori, more hands-on or even a technical training school might assist greatly.

As you know, it’s my motto to keep moving, smiling, laughing, appreciating, bonding, and loving.


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