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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gun Violence, NRA and Freud

In The National Psychologist, September/October 2014, there was an article titled “American Culture Steeped in Guns.” There were a couple of points pointed out by the writer that included: 1. Middle-aged white men are buying more and more guns 2. The likelihood of white men purchasing firearms increases the farther they live from the city 3. Ads among gun manufacturers involve a warrior in camouflage gear 4. At one time more white men dominated our culture than today 5. This population of white men believe that the gains by minorities in America were not earned through hard work, but instead through special privileges 6. Further, that the educated elite are the ones that are more powerful and have more status.

It should also be pointed out that the human species are the only living organisms that prey on its own kind for reasons other than survival. In the animal kingdom, killing is related to survival, food, territory and procreation.

According to Freud, Fromm and others, humans have the potential for violence, but not all express this aggression. Freud would talk about the unconscious as well as the irrational id (aggressive impulses) being held in check by the superego (conscience). So according to his theory, (and not related to survival, food, territory, or procreation) man’s sexual and aggressive impulses are not successfully being held in check by man’s conscience or superego.

Fromm would add that these gun tooting warriors are purchasing the gun as a symbol (i.e. power protection status), but based on feelings of a disturbed self, inadequacy, insignificance, weakness and vulnerability. It’s safe to say that not dealing with what goes on in one’s inner world can’t be fixed by a gun, guns, or automatic weapons.

The gun manufacturers are smart as they are preying on the vulnerability of this subculture. The put out misinformation such as about restrictive gun laws, threats to the Second Amendment, the shortage of bullets, etc.

So, the likelihood of easily available weapons will remain in our culture; as well as the likelihood for more mass shooters prying on those that are vulnerable.

The moral of the story is to know thyself, keep moving, smiling, laughing, loving, bonding and appreciating. And if you do so, there’s a greater likelihood that you have a well-functioning superego or conscience. 


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