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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Islamist Gangs are Racist,Criminals and Murderers

   Racist Islamist Gangs are  a Group of Criminals and Murderers
 I am disappointed to say the least in how our media portrays today’s so-called terrorists. They refer to these groups of people as radical Islamists and misinterpret their motivation. And of course, when a terrorist or racist thug mentions God or Allah that reinforces this incorrect and misguided motivational label. Since when is Islam a religion of hate, sadism, and/or sadomasochism? And since when does Mohammed preach the opposite of love? Further, how can Allah be so  dull , imperceptible and ignorant when it comes to satire, Charlie Hebdo cartoons and/or comedians? Allah is likely loving, judgmental, smart and all-knowing when it comes to current affairs.

If Allah were alive, Allah would not be upset, angry and want revenge when it comes to a mere cartoon or someone making a joke about religion in today’s world. Certainly, Christ or the Hebrew God Elohim would not reinforce or feel good about killing a journalist or Solomon Rushdie for writing about or critiquing the religion of Islam.

Many of these thugs hide behind the religion of Allah. These ruffians are not about love or living a life with human connections or brotherhood. These racist criminals are not about making a better world for all. Many of these racist criminals are unconnected, have little social skills, and simply cannot take part in society today. They are fooling themselves about who they really are. Certainly, unemployment, poverty, income inequality and lack of social mobility affects many and contribute to their stress and not fitting in well in society.

If we peel away, their talk about Allah or their hateful prayers, what do we find at the unconscious level? We find evil, hate, sadomasochism and a life without generativity [Guiding the next generation in creativity and productivity]. The pretense of religion allows these misguided souls to act out their unconscious character structure. They misuse religion. It allows them, unconsciously if you will, to mask who and what they are.

And so the press buys in to what they say, instead of focusing on their behavior. The key is not what they say but what they do. We are not defined, as humans, by words. Instead, it’s our behavior that tells the story about our values and our character structure. We love by our ability to love others   or we kill by killing others [Revenge], and rationalize the act. This criminal behavior is clearly destructive and hateful to others with the cruel beheadings and to self with suicidal behaviors [Fighting it out with the police, or blowing oneself up with a bomb]. They seek out other gangs such as Hezbollah etc.  that have the same or similar negative character types. [Grossly selfish, callus, irresponsible, unable to feel guilt, low frustration tolerance and blame others for their behavior.] They are dangerous gangs of racist criminals and make no mistake about it. Let’s call them what they are- racist criminals and murderers and their motivational cause is hate.


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