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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tim Tebow,Peyton Manning,Bill Gates and National Security

In yesterday’s blog, I wrote about the cognitive  or intellectual decline during the life cycle.  Research suggested that schooling was associated with intellectual variance. Make yourself smarter, by attending a good school with excellent teachers, with an outstanding curriculum.
In the March 21, 2012 edition to the Wall Street Journal, there was an article titled “Weak Schools Said to Imperil Security.  The article went on to say that there are flaws in US schools.  Translated, schools in the US are producing adults, in the 21st century, without the necessary math, science and language skills.  This report was issued by the Council on Foreign Relations.    The report went on to say that we are not only having an educational crisis in this country, but a national security issue as well.  Too many of our schools are failing to educate students for the workforce, in this century, and are not teaching basic civics that prepare students for citizenship.  Also   the report    mentioned that there was a variance in necessary resources among the schools especially schools in which students are at risk.  As a result of these variances, our countries future economic prosperity, global position and physical safety are at risk.
Further, more than half of Americans between the ages of 17 and 24 are unqualified to join the military because of not completing high school or graduating, without the necessary or adequate math, science and English skills.  When comparing US students on international assessment tests to countries of the world, US students performed not as well as their counterparts.  Students in countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Hungary, and Luxembourg tested higher in reading, math and science.  Not only are there  shortages of qualified workers in US life science and aerospace industries , but the  State Department  and intelligence agencies are facing critical language shortfalls in areas of strategic interest.
This report was prepared for a New York-based nonpartisan think tank and publisher group.  This task force had 30 members and was led by Condoleezza Rice former Secretary of State and Joel Klein, former New York City Schools Chancellor.
Too many students are not receiving a qualified education. Not attaining necessary skills    suggests a likely limited job and career choice.   This   is not only an individual waste but also places the country at risk.  Bill Gates, in his evaluation of the public schools, reported that having excellent teachers was a major variable when it comes to student learning. Joel Kirsch is implementing a program, in Novato, California that includes physical activity as a major part of the curriculum. We do know how to fix this problem.
It is clear that we can do more when it comes to our kids and our country.  Consider, assisting within your family, and then moving on to the local school district.  Working from the ground up, is a good place to start.
PS. Y’all know that Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow, the important stuff, dominate the news media.  Our values are what?
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