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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kite Surfing, Learning, Aging, and Running in the Rain

 I found another sport to play .  The following was found in the January 17, 2012 edition of the Wall Street Journal. Young Louis Gomez, at age 65, first encountered kite surfers on Lake Geneva, Switzerland.  He told his wife that this sport did not exist when he was a kid and “I wanted to do it; it was a challenge.”
You might wonder, what is a kite surfing?  Well, it is a small surfboard, propelled across the water with wind power harnessed in a large kite held by the surfer.  The sport originated and was popularized in Hawaii.
Young Gomez, has a background in skiing and racket ball, and is enthusiastic about sports.  Now this retired software engineer resides in Florida, Even though he had knee replacement surgery in 2008, he has become an avid kite surfer.  He admitted that in the beginning he could only be on the board for about 20 minutes at a time and had a sore body. Now he is in condition, and is no longer sore.
Currently, Louis practices about three hours a day and has learned tricks.  He can now spin and jump up to 20 feet at a time.  When the winds fail to cooperate, he seeks out other low-impact water sports such as stand up paddle boarding, kayaking or sailing.   On land, he jogs, and rides his Trikke T8 a three wheeled scooter.
Each morning, Louis has a fruit smoothie mixed with flax seed, nuts and vitamins.  To reduce sugar and salt he created his own Greek yogurt. He also bakes bread in the bread machine, replacing butter with applesauce to limit the fat.
Recently, Louis, age 73, had cortisone injections in his fingers to deal with tendinitis.  After his play, he ices both knees every night to deal with his discomfort as result of jumping on his kite board.    He said.  “Getting old is not for wimps.” Louis is doing it, so can you?
By the way, I ran a short 5 mile loop yesterday and did not experience any discomfort with my Achilles.  Today, Secretariat, and I might run.  However, as I write this blog it is raining like cats and dogs.  He has not called to tell me he is not coming.  In any event, the trail is going to be wet and sloppy. From Secretariat: I was a little late. Frank wanted to run on the road because he thought the trail would be wet and sloppy. I told him "no" and called him "a wuss "so we headed for the trail. Yes ,it was wet and sloppy and my feet are frozen.  My hands are numb and I am soaked but we had fun and feel better for it.


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