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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Way Too Cool 50K.

Well, Saturday has come and gone. One could not have asked for a more beautiful race day. The temperature was likely in the high 50s to low 60s. Friday evening before the run, Linda made lasagna for our pre-race day meal. Tara and Jonathan Jordan arrived Friday morning joined us along with Tony and Deb Brickel. Victoria Ordway and Susan Smythe-Jackson showed up after dinner.

Saturday morning Linda dropped Tara , Jonathan, and me off at the race site. We were then joined by Victoria. They determined the plan for the day was to run with me. They thought that if they didn't stick to that plan, they might be burned out at the end. I said okay knowing that more than likely they would beat me to the finish. This year's course is different from previous races. The first 8 to 9 miles was at the Olmsted. This meant that the trails are likely to be wet, slick, and muddy for most of that distance and they were. We were pretty much together during that part of the run. After about two hours, crossing Highway 49, I said to myself "it is a long way to the finish" that thought is not good for my psyche. Anyway, Tara, age 40, Victoria, age 46, and Jonathan, age 55 get out in front and stayed in front until I reached the aid station at 21 miles. Apparently they had beat me there by least 5 to 10 minutes. Tony joined me and ran with me the last 10 miles.

The young trio were now in the lead and stayed there. I did not catch them. After goat Hill some 26 to 27 miles I began to tire. The good thing is the fact that I was not hurting. Being tired is one thing but being tired and hurting is a totally different story. Well the kids finished before me and they were delighted. For the girls, this is their first ultra. I was glad that the run was over and I didn't hurt at all. I saw a number of familiar faces and like the encouragement I received when I reached an aid station. Both Linda and Debbie and others cheered and clapped.

For me, a trail run 50 K. takes much effort. A few weeks ago Tony an I ran the 20 K. in the Bay Area and it is a totally different experience. I felt terrific and energetic after that race. I must say that shorter races are different. Doing a longer race means that is important to pace. If I run too fast at the beginning I pay for it dearly. Wellness is important. I'm still evaluating the distance for my races. Health, wellness, and feeling good are major factors. I will keep you posted. Further, it is a terrific experience to be joined by friends at these events. Thank you all.


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