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It Has Nothing To Do With Age provides self-help principles. The inspirational stories give concrete illustrations of overcoming many of life's challenges. Difficulties pertaining to depression, grief, divorce, and death are presented and worked through by the participants. Physical impairments, injuries, overcoming issues with weight, alcohol, and nicotine are also dealt with and resolved by the athletes.

This book provides a model on how to overcome some of the difficulties that confront all of us . Further, this read sheds a beacon of light on preventive measures for good physical and mental health. Research demonstrates that exercise is an important component in treating such ailments and debilitating illness such as depression, stroke, heart disease, brain or cognitive malfunction,and Alzheimer's disease.

I suggest that proper exercise can be used as a preventive measure for psychological, cognitive, and physical health as well. Follow my prescription and lead a better, more fulfilling, and healthier life.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Living Longer as the Result of Sex and Exercise

On yesterday’s blog on May 5, I mentioned the name Jack Scholl as one of the athletes that I interviewed. More about Jack. I contacted Jack Scholl to receive help with the marketing plan and asked about his personal contacts. To provide a little more information about Jack here is the list  of some of “his casual acquaintances and some lifelong friends “: Supreme Court justices Alito and Scalia, Princes  Albert& Rainer, Princess Grace Kelly, William Simon Treasury Secretary, Hugh  McILhenny NFL,  Peggy Fleming Olympian, Joe Louis, Elliott Roosevelt , Sophia Loren, John Lehman Navy Sec., and Olympian Susan Chaffee. Jack’s story is of many adventures. I am sure you will enjoy reading his story.
On another note, there are many benefits to exercise. Previous research suggests that there is a positive relationship between exercise and sex. Simply put, more exercise equals more sex which is a good thing. One trouble with correlations is that they do not measure cause and effect. So, does exercise make for more sex or does sex make for more exercise? We don’t know the exact answer just yet but we do know that sex and exercise are related in a beneficial way.
In the  May 3, 2011  issue  of the Wall Street Journal , Melinda Beck wrote an article  titled “The Joy  of Researching the Health Benefits of Sex “ . She reported the following: sex relieves stress, improves sleep, burns calories, reduces pain, eases depression, strengthens blood vessels, boosts the immune system, and lowers the risk of prostate and breast cancer. Just think of all the benefits of sex. Of course these are all relationships or correlations but the findings are impressive just the same.
Of course it is important to define exercise as well as defining sex. I’m not, in this blog, going to define exercise other than stating that there is cardio and strength training involved in the activity or activities. Also important are such variables as to include: personality, physiological attributes, programs, and facilities, to name a few. My suggestions to you if you haven’t started exercising begin by either walking or swimming as both have low impact on your body.  If you are exercising “keep it up “which is not meant to be a pun for the male readers. As far as sex is concerned, having a compatible partner is a good thing and that is a good place to start. The key word is compatible which can mean things like love, friendship, companionship, maturity, and safety.
Some of the chemistry changes related when having sex includes: hormones, neurotransmitters, dopamine, prolactin , oxytocin , DHEA and testosterone. Simply put, the changes that take place can be called “better living through chemistry”. Sex is good for the physiological, psychological, and the soul. A study found in a British medical journal reported that  for  270 men and women ages 60-96  followed for 25 years , the  results included: the more often the men had sex the longer they lived; and the women  that said they enjoyed their sex lives lived 7 to 8 years longer than those who were indifferent. In other words live longer so you can have more sex or have more sex so you can live longer.
As today is another day of tapering, Linda, Tony, and I went kayaking. Tony brought his brand-new state-of-the-art carbon super duper expensive paddle. My goodness I must admit that I want one too. Tony allowed me to use it. Within minutes, I know that I have to change paddles. The length of the paddle is important as well as the weight. His paddle is both long and feels like holding a feather. I am impressed as he did good research in order to select the right paddle. So today is considered a rest day for Sunday’s 20 K. run.


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