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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sequoia Trail Run, and Getting Lost

Tony, Linda, and I left early Saturday for Oakland. We stopped in Fairfield and had lunch at the Red Lobster. After lunch we drove to Phil and Wendy’s home in the Oakland hills. Their home is near Sunday’s Sequoia’s Trail race. Linda and I met this couple in Loreto, Mexico. During our Mexico stay, I told Wendy about our race on 8th of May. Arrangements were made to stay with them. Linda wanted to go with Tony and me because Wendy is into mosaics as is Linda. Phil is a San Francisco attorney in a very large firm that has offices in this country and other countries as well. Their home is beautiful and they were outstanding hosts. I told Tony that this is the way to go as far as trail races go. Excellent hosts, great accommodations, picture postcard view, and within a few minutes of the race site. What more can I ask?
Tony and I had an early dinner of pre-race pasta and relaxed that evening. Our hosts are outstanding, and the accommodations unequaled. I liked the last two accommodations in Pacific Palisades and the Oakland hills. In other words, this is the way to go for a running race.
Tony and I are doing the 20 Km and told to follow pink ribbons. We started at 9:00 AM shortly after Tony got in front of me. He had to beat me by at least 11 minutes or he would not be happy. Well anyway, the setting is magnificent with the abundance of redwoods in this “Star Wars” like setting. The trail is dry and you have to watch your step because of all the ruts and redwood roots. There is at least 1960 feet of elevation gain measured by an Avocet altimeter. Even though, the directions indicate that if you don’t see your ribbon for 3 to 4 minutes you are off course.
Well, I’m running really well with a group of younger runners composed of five women and two men. We are progressing up this steep climb called the Madrone Trail. On this trail, we come across the Oakland fire Department along with search and rescue team. They have a hand carry stretcher and a gurney. Perhaps, there are at least 10 of them. The running group passes them and proceeds to a flat area where we find an ambulance along with another official from the fire department. We now realize that we are lost. This official has a map which confirms our dilemma. Most of us decide to double back to determine where we made our mistake. All of us leave together except one of the male-female couples. I am running well and in the lead as we proceed down the Madrone Trail looking for the French Trail. We reach the spot and find where the ribbons ended. Pretty soon, the young bucks all pass me. Oh well that happens.
So I’m running alone at this point until I see two other runners.  So now I am in a group of three. These two have different color bibs and seem to be struggling. Guess what eventually happens? I catch up and pass those young bucks that I was running with earlier. That felt good.  One of the runners with the other color bib, I did not beat to the finish. He is the only one I did not quite catch. While running with him he yelled out “I’m not going out again”. This means he is doing the 50 Km.Could his name be Jonathan? I got that remark from Tony so I can’t take credit for it.
I see Tony at the finish smiling, waiting for me. So I immediately tell him “I went on a scenic view, I did not want to leave this beautiful trail, I wanted to get my money’s worth so I ran farther than you again”. He’ll likely add to this blog by telling you what he said to me. In any event, I ran well and enjoyed the run even if it took me longer to finish than him.


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