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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rush Creek Arabian , University of Michigan,and Monday Night Football

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading."– Lao-Tzu
Linda’s new horse is from Nebraska and is a Rush Creek Arabian.  She is thrilled with her purchase, and I can see why.  This horse is responsive, quiet, and has a history of soundness.  Nails seems like a pleasure to ride, and I am thinking about him and ride and tie.  Nails, Linda, and I have gone out every day either alone or with other riders such as Carrie, Jean, Lon, or Susan.  Linda has ridden the Olmsted loop, as well as an ALT loop.  So far so good.   Linda did right with your horse selection; and I have been getting in my trail running.
On another note, this past weekend has been great and I will tell you why.  Last Saturday, the University of Michigan football team faced Notre Dame in Ann Arbor, with its first night game.  The attendance for that game set a new college attendance record with over 114,000.  This stadium has been referred to as the Big House an appropriate fitting name.
The game started out with Notre Dame, dominating for about three quarters.  Then the last quarter came with all the excitement.  In a little over a minute, three touchdowns were scored two by Michigan and one by Notre Dame.  At 8 seconds left in the game, Michigan’s Denard Robinson threw a touchdown pass, leaving the game clock with 2 seconds left for an unbelievable conclusion.  Needless to say, I was extremely happy for that outcome.
Then, on Monday night, there was an NFL doubleheader.  In the first game, the Patriot quarterback was Tom Brady and the Dolphin quarterback was Chad Henne.  The significance is simply as they are both University of Michigan quarterbacks.  Alright I am a Wolverine fan.  Further, I hosted Monday night football for my football buddies.  Next week, Kevin is going to be the host.
For the second game, the Raiders and Broncos played their first game of the season.  That second game did not start till after seven o’clock and seemed to drag on because of the numerous penalties.  The ending was great as the Raiders won the game.  I am also a Raider fan.
More good news.  I just received a terrific well-written press release about my new book from the publisher.  They told me that the release is dated September 19 and likely be ready for distribution that week by Barnes & Noble, as well as Amazon.  The book is available in paperback with a retail price of $15.99. I believe it will also be available in e-book.  In case you have forgotten the title is “It Has Nothing To Do with Age” with an ISBN number: 9780983676409.


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