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Friday, September 9, 2011

Linda's New Horse and Cool Ride and Tie

"You miss 100% of the shots you never take."– Wayne Gretzky
Today, I got up early and did a short 5 mile trail run.  It was important for me to get back home quickly.  I had to rearrange pipe corrals for Linda’s new horse.  She came home yesterday evening and told me that her pocketbook was lighter after her purchase.  Needless to say she was both relieved and excited about her new prospect.  She did not particularly like the process of looking for a new horse. Thank goodness that is done.
The corral work assignment got completed and the stall is ready.  Shortly, we are going to leave to pick up the horse; and if she has energy will do a short ride in the arena.  The plan for tomorrow is to meet Carrie and Jean and head to the Knickerbocker-Olmsted trail.  We intend to complete the long loop for the Cool Ride and Tie.  Linda and Jean are going to ride, while Carrie and I will be on the ground running.
Carrie and Jean recently moved to Pilot Hill.  Carrie is from Marin County and Jean from back East or more specifically Boston. Carrie currently has been the race director for the Quicksilver ride and tie and a strong competitor.  Even though she has recently recovered from a lung issue and not in great running shape, she is likely to be the favorite  at the Cool Ride & Tie since her partner is Mark Richtman.  If their team wins, Mark will become the newly crowned King of the Cool Ride and Tie.  A win would give him  a total of three in the six-year history. He currently is tied with Tom Johnson with two victories each.  By the way, I won the event in 2008 with a young, terrific youngster named Josh Steffen.  Josh is currently in the Air Force getting his wings. Keep flying Josh.
Do not forget the Cool Ride and Tie to be held on October 1.  You are invited to attend. I will also keep you posted   about Linda and her new horse.


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