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It Has Nothing To Do With Age provides self-help principles. The inspirational stories give concrete illustrations of overcoming many of life's challenges. Difficulties pertaining to depression, grief, divorce, and death are presented and worked through by the participants. Physical impairments, injuries, overcoming issues with weight, alcohol, and nicotine are also dealt with and resolved by the athletes.

This book provides a model on how to overcome some of the difficulties that confront all of us . Further, this read sheds a beacon of light on preventive measures for good physical and mental health. Research demonstrates that exercise is an important component in treating such ailments and debilitating illness such as depression, stroke, heart disease, brain or cognitive malfunction,and Alzheimer's disease.

I suggest that proper exercise can be used as a preventive measure for psychological, cognitive, and physical health as well. Follow my prescription and lead a better, more fulfilling, and healthier life.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Costal Trail Runs, Dipsea,Personalty and Weight Control

Secretariat and I plan to run a 10 to 15 mile trail run today.  We both entered a half marathon put on by Coastal Trail Runs.  The run on the 28th of this month will begin at Stinson beach in Marin County.  The start will be a climb, and then a lot of downhill.  The runs in that location –Dipsea, Double Dipsea, Quad Dipsea etc. are not easy or for the frail of heart my friends. Believe me, because I know -I ran the Quad Dipsea once.  There was 28.7 brutal miles with 671 steps times four for grand total of 2,684 steps.  I remember it well.
Luckily, Secretariat and I are going to stay at Beverlee Bentley’s home in the city of Marin.  Beverlee has a compelling story found in Chapter 18 of “It Has Nothing To Do With Age.  ” This young lady hails from the province of Ontario in Canada.  She studied to become a nurse and left her country of Canada and came to San Francisco.  She met and married Bill.  Unfortunately, 57-year-old Bill, a Black Diamond skier, while skiing at Alpine Village, caught an edge, fell and severed his spinal cord at C5 and C6.  That horrific accident changed the lives of the Bentley’s.
From March 4, 1994 until recently, Beverlee provided constant care for Bill until he died late last year. While taking care of Bill, a friend of hers invited her to attend a Rowing workshop.  She said to me that if the was not for rowing, she does not know what would have happened to her.  That sport provided her with purpose, a new support system, goals, exercise, and an opportunity to develop an identity very different from being the caretaker. Her life then took on new meaning as she developed a passion for the sport.
I was honored when the Bentley family asked me if the chapter about their mother could be included permanently at Bills burial site.
On another note, an article in the January 10, 2012 edition of the Wall Street Journal talked about relationship between personality, and those unwanted pounds.  For example, the same parts of the brain that control emotions and stress response, also govern appetite.  In one study, those who scored high  on neuroticism-the tendency to easily experience negative emotions and low  on consciousness, being organized and disciplined were the most likely to be overweight and obese.  Further, impulsivity was strongly linked to body mass index-the subjects in the top 10% of impulsivity weighted on average 25 pounds more than those in the lowest 10%.  People who rated themselves low on agreeableness were the most likely to gain weight over the years.
The link between emotions, food and weight control, starts at a very early age.  If you are having difficulty with weight control and have some issues with personality traits mentioned above, you may want to sort that out.  Unfortunately, seeking professional help to assist in dealing with weight control and personality is not covered by third party payers.  Wouldn’t you think, that if individuals were more successful with weight control and had lower BMI ‘s,there would be less physical problems requiring less medical care, and as a result more profit for the insurance companies. Currently, your doctor can not give you a pill that will assess early age personality dynamics that contribute to problems with weight gain.  More about personality and weight issues tomorrow.


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