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It Has Nothing To Do With Age provides self-help principles. The inspirational stories give concrete illustrations of overcoming many of life's challenges. Difficulties pertaining to depression, grief, divorce, and death are presented and worked through by the participants. Physical impairments, injuries, overcoming issues with weight, alcohol, and nicotine are also dealt with and resolved by the athletes.

This book provides a model on how to overcome some of the difficulties that confront all of us . Further, this read sheds a beacon of light on preventive measures for good physical and mental health. Research demonstrates that exercise is an important component in treating such ailments and debilitating illness such as depression, stroke, heart disease, brain or cognitive malfunction,and Alzheimer's disease.

I suggest that proper exercise can be used as a preventive measure for psychological, cognitive, and physical health as well. Follow my prescription and lead a better, more fulfilling, and healthier life.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Weight Gain,Emotional Triggers, Sleep Deprivation,and a Health Coach

Yesterday, Secretariat, and I both had an excellent 14 plus or minus trail run.  We both commented on how different yesterday felt, compared with Tuesday’s grueling, long, exhausting and difficult run.  My legs, thank goodness, did not feel like they were cased in cement.  My energy was good, and  the tiredness that I felt was a good tiredness-if you know, I mean.  I was attempting to figure out possible explanations for Tuesday’s grind.  I came up with the number of possibilities, but I am not real sure as to the exact reason.  I remember Gordon Palmer, telling me number years ago something like “The best thing to do when that day’s run is not going well is to turn around and go back home.” There are times when you run, and do not feel well but that quickly changes and you begin to feel better.  Usually, I do not start out full of it or feeling as awful as I did Tuesday. Yesterday was more like the norm, and the more familiar.  The point is that feelings change during a run experience however, Tuesday they did not.
Yesterday’s blog had to do with personality traits, habits and weight gain.  As you might expect, the link between emotions, food and weight control   begins early in life.  In a study of 977 children, researchers found that toddlers who had low quality emotional relationships with their mothers are more than twice as likely to be obese at age 15 compared to those that have closer bonds.   Can you identify your emotional triggers?  Do you eat when you are tired, feeling isolated or unloved? Do you eat when you are feeling empty?  Were you able to bond with your mother or father when younger?  I know where you can go to get insight.
People who are called, night owls are often sleep deprived, and as result that drives down levels of the leptin hormone that signifies fullness and drives up ghrelin, the hormone that fuels appetite, particularly for high carbohydrates and high calorie foods.  Even short-term sleep deprivation can make healthy people process sugar as if they were diabetic.  Night Owls also tend to skip breakfast missing an important chance to get their metabolism going early, and they often smack far into the night.  That sets the stage for a night eating syndrome.  People consume a significant portion of the daily intake after dinner, which is often associated with obesity and diabetes.
Some suggestions: eliminate caffeine after the noon hour, keeping lights, TV and other electronics low in the evening and scheduling early morning appointments.  Also, declare the kitchen off-limits after 9 PM. Do not be a night owl; get a good night sleep because it is better for you.  Yes I know that  many people have difficulty getting a good night sleep . Hopefully you are not one of them.  Believe me there are other ways to get that rest that is needed other than by taking pills.   I know something about that as result of my private practice. Stay tuned as more to follow.
Join Linda and me at the Barnes & Noble booksellers, in Citrus Heights, California this evening at 7 PM for “Open Mic for Writers.” I intend to read parts of Chapter 7, Jim Steere, and DVM: Renaissance man, and Athlete Extraordinaire.”  I like telling his impressive, interesting and inspiring story."Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. The third is to be kind."– Henry James


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