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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stagecoach Century and mind Clutter

After having a few difficult days with my mind full of negative clutter I set off Jan 14 for my 7th Century bike ride.  It was located out of Ocotillo, 80 miles east of San Diego, and what seemed to be the middle of nowhere.  Unsure of the safety for a older woman traveling alone I inquired what my options were, so I heeded their advice and stayed with the group in San Diego and made the 1hr and 1/2 drive to the event start before the crack of dawn.  If I had any concerns about my safety as I arrived it was apparent I had no worries as border patrol was there to protect our borders along with all the wonderful ride support of the organizers.
I set off headed toward nowhere only to find it was in fact the road to everywhere.  No towns, stop signs, traffic lights, cars, nothing but remote desert.  2 miles in after crossing the border check,  I saw the sign stating "entering Anza Borrego Desert" and was surprised to find I would get to climb up into the high Desert that my father loved so much.  This already made me happy to start as I knew he was with me.  My clutter continued to take up my mind until around mile 25 which is where my body goes into it's zen thing and all of a sudden my mind cleared and the only thing I could see was the beauty around me and my father watching over.  This ride went along the original stagecoach routes and when you got up high you could look down upon all their travels.  It is impossible to hold onto mind clutter when experiencing this beauty and I am reminded why I have loved endurance sports that take you into the wilderness my whole life.  They take you out of your place and into one of beauty and you come back a better person.
The ride was mod difficult with 5000 feet of elevation and had a timed option which I took.  There were 700  riders entered of which 407 completed the event.  152 chose to be timed and I came in 141 out of 152.  I was the only woman in my age category and was happy with my ride time of 7hrs 24 min. 
Talk about a world of contrasts, the next day I went to stay with my mom and rode 50 miles on the beach.  I found myself thinking how lucky I was to live in this beautiful State where you can enjoy the desert, mountains, and ocean all in the same weekend.
On another note I am proud to say that this Friday my training plan included 110 miles as I progress to my goal of riding a double century.  I still remember my first century and it took about 3 days before I could imagine doing it again.  Now 7 centuries later with a very precise training plan I am on my way to a double.  I completed the 110 miles in record pace for me and my body felt great.  No limping off the bike or sore muscles.   I can't begin to tell you the joy in exceeding 100 miles, there was never a time during the ride that I had any option but to complete the task.  Again my mind cleared of clutter as I rode North along the Coast and then into the farmlands of Oxnard.  I made it home as the sun set 7hrs 17min later and thought for the first time that maybe just maybe I might be able to reach my goal.  If I don't I won't punish myself, because the journey is well worth it.  I will take it week by week and enjoy the achievements wherever they may take me.  
by Penny Fink (aka Secretariat's sister)

The Brickel kids are something else. Follow their path and you will succeed.
It doesn't matter if it is on the trail or the road. Dr. Frank Lieberman


Anonymous said...

Excellent that you did that Stagecoach ride!! What an accomplishment. It's an epic ride. And hat's off for doing such a demanding ride. I hope you are still getting out and having fun. I've done Stagecoach 3 times and now I'm doing Palm Dessert. Happy miles to you. :-) Dean Hough

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