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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Trail Run With Friends

"Inspiration is a guest that does not willingly visit the lazy."– Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
On Tuesday, Secretariat, Matt, Farah and Sanjay and I ran for about 8 to 9 miles on the trail. We started off in ALT and immediately confronted a steep climb going in the direction of Rec Lake. From there we proceeded toward third gate. Running down the trail, I noticed a wallet on the ground. Picked it up, looked inside and saw the name Tony Brickel. Farah, standing next to me, suggested that I not let Secretariat know right away. I put his wallet in my fanny pack and agreed not to say anything to him.
We proceeded on the Western States Trail and headed for the Dead Truck Trail. Once there, I opened   my fanny pack to get something to eat and noticed the wallet. I asked Secretariat what he had in his wallet and he immediately figured out he lost his wallet. He thanked me for picking up his wallet and said his cell phone was missing. He was going to backtrack to look for it. I told him we could all backtrack today or I would go with him tomorrow to look for it. He thought it was possible that the cell phone might actually be in his car. At that point, we ran down Dead Truck in search of the old truck.
Since Matt, Farah and Sanjay had not been on this part of the trail, I pointed out the old truck   when we arrived at the destination in question. Sanjay went down to check out some particulars of the old historic truck. From there, we proceeded in the direction of Maine Bar   passing Poverty Bar which is part of the Tevis Cup crossing.
Secretariat and Farah got in front and started up Maine Bar while Matt stayed with me. Secretariat told me that Farah is strong and she easily climbed that difficult gnarly trail. It is real clear that both Matt and Farah are strong and run the hills well.
Once we arrived back at my home ,Secretariat went to his car and thankfully found his cell phone. We sat on my deck, enjoying the view and talked about our run and other things and made plans for our next one.
Couple hours later, Linda got back from her trail ride with Margareta. As it turned out, part of her ride duplicated the same part of the trail as our run.
All is well in the foothills; with good running friends; with my Achilles feeling OK and making sure to keep moving.


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