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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston Marathon -April 15,2013

"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood."– Marie Curie

Can you believe what happened near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday? What a cowardly act by an individual or group of individuals. From initial accounts, it appeared that most of the people killed or injured were spectators-family, friends, or volunteers. Apparently, the marathon runners were not seriously injured from the two blasts. It’s that old saying that “it’s not good to be in the wrong place at the wrong time “that seemed to be true Monday.
What is puzzling is why someone would want to injure these innocent individuals. It is more problematic to attack the nation’s oldest running race. Certainly this prestigious event warranted much publicity and drew thousands to its venue.
The quick response in helping victims is applauded. There were many heroes (mental toughness) who jumped in and did the right thing. One issue that bothered me is the amount of media attention that these tragedies generate. The media doesn’t have a problem in presenting information even if it’s false or simply a rumor. There is too much publicity or reinforcement and suggests and give “importance” or “notoriety” to these evil characters,
There are too many mentally sick individuals with easy access to harming devices.  I have confidence that our government, with all its resources, will locate the perpetrators and likely discover and give clues as to the motivation of these deranged people. There can be no sound justification for this perpetration. In this case I’m OK with an “eye for an eye.”
The Boston Marathon will continue as well as this country. The world can be a dangerous place, as evidenced  by the nuts that surface, however,  having all the guns in the world doesn’t  make it safe or can protect you  My heart goes out to all those injured and  I hope their recovery is quick .  I feel terrible for those that needlessly lost their lives.
 On a happier note, Alpha and I ran about 10 miles on our trail run Tuesday. We both registered for the Western States Memorial Day training run. We also entered, for the second year, the 10 mile JDRF (juvenile diabetes) run on May 18 at the Cronan Ranch. The posted picture is from last year’s race at the start, Can you recognize us?
 Remember to keep moving smiling and laughing.


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