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Monday, April 22, 2013

Heat Training and the Greatest Runner

"Our real blessings often appear to us in the shape of pains, losses and disappointments, but let us have patience and we soon shall see them in their proper figures."– Joseph Addison

The   cover of  April, 2013 edition of  Runner’s  World  has interesting articles  that included the following: Lose 5 Pounds the Right Way; Eat Better; Train  Smarter; Burn More Calories; Go All Out; Add Power , Fitness And Speed;  Rest  or Run?   Road Or Trail?
For me I had no problem yesterday in choosing to run trail. I was joined by Alpha, Madhu, and Chris at Cronan ranch. On May 11, a group of us are going to compete at Quicksilver in San Jose as well as celebrating Madhu’s birthday. Cronan was selected because of the difficult terrain which included frequent elevation change, little shade, and one very hot and sunny day. Heat training, at this juncture, is important for the upcoming Quicksilver event. The temperature there can be brutal at that time of the year.
Because of the hot temperature change, I wore a heart rate monitor, carried 4 water bottles as well as Succeed salt tabs. We started our run about 8:45 but could have started earlier. Alpha ran about 10 miles but had to go home to deal with an unrelated issue. The three of us ran roughly 14 miles. Being concerned about the heat, I checked my heart rate monitor   frequently as I did not want my pulse to be over 140 beats per minute. Even though my heart rate was under 140, I still perspired a lot, walked for part and was pretty tired on the hills.  However, young pup Madhu not only didn’t sweat very much but claimed that he did not work very hard today.  He’s lucky and fortunate. I told Linda I was concerned about being tired. She replied “I’m not worried; he’s young enough to be your son.” Okay, I get it.
All in all, I got the beginning of my heat training.  Hopefully, the temperature will remain warm so that I can get acclimated to the heat.
On another note, Runner’s World magazine had an article about the greatest runner of all time .Some of the names included: Jesse Owens, Emil Zatopek, Roger Bannister, Herb Elliott,   Bill Rodgers, Paula Radcliffe, Usain Bolt etc.

Ann Trason
Tim Twietmeyer
Shame on the writer for failing to acknowledge neither Tim Twietmeyer nor Ann Trason for their achievements.  By failing to mention these  unparalleled  ultra runners (of Western States fame); I seriously question this man’s credibility and knowledge  especially when he included such people as  Ryan Hall, Dean Karnazes and Pheidippides in the honorable mentions section.
This man is entitled to his opinion. However, it is not based on reality, so you can take it with a grain of salt.
Join Alpha and I at the UC Davis Cardiology Rehab Department Wednesday, the 24th for my mental health – physical health presentation. In part, I’m going to tell them to keep moving, smiling, and laughing.


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