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Friday, April 5, 2013

Kevin Ware and Mike Rice

Any fool can make a rule and every fool will mind it" David Thoreau.
What does the name Kevin Ware bring to mind? Kevin, a University of Louisville basketball player, was injured last Sunday during a game between Louisville and Duke. This young man was attempting to block a shot by a Duke Player. He jumped and landed on one leg suffering a horrific injury. The media focused on him and his teammates and” won “the game for him. Realistically, Louisville was the better team that day and would’ve   likely won their game anyway.
We all know that March was advertised as “March Madness.” This is the month that the NCAA has this tournament with some 64 plus college teams from all over the country participating.  CBS among other television stations carry this event during the month. Likely, if your favorite college team is in the tourney, you can see and view your team during the month. You may have heard of the marketing terms “Sweet 16,”  “Elite 8,” and “The Final Four.” I don’t know the total dollar amount collected, from the tournament, but I do know that we are talking about big bucks.
In other words, these, young college players, bring in plenty of cash to their University that results in funding some of the other sports. The college player in return receives tuition, books, room and board if on scholarship. Often, they are referred to as student-athletes. Do you think that all student- athletes have a guaranteed scholarship for four years? Do you think that these student-athletes have guaranteed tuition, books, room and board? Do you think that the student –athlete has paid health insurance?
If lucky, Kevin Ware can play basketball again, has his injury expenses paid for, and doesn’t lose his scholarship. If he was really fortunate, and if he was of NBA potential, he might have his career intact. If he was a future NBA player, what might his earnings be? However, if that injury sustained in that game resulted in the worst case scenario, his economic future would be compromised. The University of Louisville would have no responsibility or liability in that case. I know this is speculation but I also know that it is true.
To be continued:
For our 25 mile trail run this weekend we’re planning to have a picnic afterwards. Farah‘s contribution includes: 1. quinoa with vegetables and black beans 2.ginger/lime/orange drink. Both Alpha and I haven’t yet decided what to contribute. Anyway, keep moving, laughing and smiling.


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