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Monday, April 8, 2013

Kevin Ware , Mike Rice ,the University of Michigan and the Basketball National Championship

Kevin Ware and Mike Rice -Part 2
"To have that sense of one's intrinsic worth which constitutes self-respect is potentially to have everything."– Joan Didion

Recently, I heard a TV interview in which Kevin stated he was attending   last Saturday’s Final Four tournament with this team. He even said that he has started rehabilitation (putting pressure and using crutches) and hopes to play for his Louisville basketball team next season. Hopefully, he will.
Kevin’s teammates have reported that they want to win the national championship for him. That goal can be classified as an ego goal (to score more baskets than the other team). For the ego oriented player, success is demonstrated by superiority and winning; although one can win without trying too hard. On the other hand a task goal is one in which intrinsically motivated players strive to reach the task goal which reflects personal improvement, effort, mastery and skill learning.
When, a player motivated by personal factors and the sheer pleasure of playing the game this is referred to as intrinsic motivation. On the other hand extrinsic motivation is when the player is motivated by external rewards in the activity as a means to an end. Illustrations like trophies, recognition, championships, and money come to mind.  Being intrinsically motivated and being task oriented are largely within the control of the player. The best combination for success is task orientation alone or in combination with high ego orientation like Michael Jordan.
In conclusion, if these skilled Louisville basketball players also employ high task orientation they will do all right against Wichita State. They did and won. However, the team that I’m rooting for to win it all is my Alma matter, the University of Michigan.  Go Blue. U of M defeated Syracuse and will play Louisville for the 75th National Championship tonight on CBS. Go Blue and watch the game.
What about Mike Rice? Who? Mike, a basketball coach, was recently fired by Rutgers University. There are videos of his practices that show him being verbally and physically abusive (calling players fagots) and (shoving them and throwing basketballs   at them). Supposedly, this was one (negative reinforcement) of his motivational techniques. His record at Rutgers   was pitiful as far as conference play. He, of all people, should know that positive reinforcement is generally superior to negative reinforcement in order to change behavior.  It’s unfortunate that he didn’t learn more about motivation as fear and intimidation are both limiting.

  Mike certainly didn’t model enjoyment (intrinsic motivation) or sheer pleasure of the game to his players. My hunch is that there other Mike Rice coaches around who shouldn’t be.  Coaches at the NCAA level make huge salaries because they are expected to win, not because they are nice guys. The university programs (basketball and football) aren’t necessarily based on facilitating teaching the athletes about intrinsic motivation with the high monetary revenue   that the college teams can generate with TV, tournament and bowl money. Just visit a Big 12 university   and marvel at the lavishness. After all, it’s (sports) about economics and business and don’t forget it. Our values (what we are teaching and modeling) are crystal clear.
During press conferences and analysis, the focus seems to be about finding fault with the President of Rutgers or the athletic director who resigned. Unfortunately, no one is asking questions about the big business of sports, how Mike Rice was hired in the first place, and the effect on the players themselves or even the culture (values) in collegiate sports. What are we modeling for high school, middle school and younger kids?
Do not forget the fact that universities also lower admission standards in order to admit many student-athletes. And, it is not about equal opportunity, it is about winning. Winning takes precedent in so many cases. So, the tangled web consists of economics, greed, and winning at all costs is king in our culture.
Madhu, Farah, Alpha, Chris and I ran about an 8 1/2 mile trail run Sunday which included Dead Truck and Maine Bar. Tuesday, the plan (Madhu, Farah, Alpha and I) is to run to Rucky Chucky some 18 miles. Madhu (good for him) wants to run longer so he will run home for additional mileage.
 Go Blue and keep moving, smiling and laughing.


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