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Monday, October 3, 2011

Cool Ride and Tie , Auburn Running Store,and Tevis Cup

The main thing is to care. Care very hard, even if it is only a game you are playing."– Billie Jean King

The Sixth Annual Cool Ride and Tie has been completed.  The winning team was Mark Richtman and Carrie Barrett on her horse Will.  For Mark, this is his third consecutive win, with three different partners, with three different horses, at three different trail locations.  This means that he has won three races which make him the King of Cool Ride and Tie. Way to go Mark, you’re the best. Susan Smyth and Emily Gragj were winners in the 18 mile course on Joe Peshi: Amrita Oleary  and Simone Julian on Candy won at 13 miles; while Justin and  Christina Hirst on Ruby won at 5 miles.

Secretariat, Randall, and I did a trail run. Secretariat and Randall ran the 13 mile trail loop while I peeled off and came in on the second trail, which was a 5 mile loop. Secretariat said he was not feeling great during the run and was surprised that Randall was keeping up with him.  With about a mile and a half or so to go Secretariat as Billie Jean would say “care very hard.” Secretariat, in true character , ran hard so that he could increase the distance between him and his running partner.  There was no other way for Secretariat.  He has to win.  Way to go Secretariat.

Linda, Nails, and I entered the 5 mile ride and tie.  Linda was determined to compete this year and did so.  It was a good opportunity for her to see her horse in competition as this Rush Creek Arabian wanted to go.  We all were quite happy when we finished. Way to go Linda and Nails.

In order for any event to be successful, it is necessary to have participants, volunteers, and contributors.  Thank you participants.

Also, I mention the great contributors to our sport of Ride and Tie.  They include: The Australian Connection; Echo Valley Ranch, Cool Feed, Platinum Performance, Animal Medical Center, Scotty’s Automotive, Farmers Insurance-Doug Gordon, Auburn Drug, Fleet Fair Oaks-Kirk Edgerton ,Divide Supply , Sunrise Natural Foods, Placer Farm Supply, Sundowner  of California, Mar Val, Holiday Markets, and  Victory  Velo,  Thank you contributors.

The volunteers are also important and they include : Secretariat and Deb  Brickel, Kellie Halsey, Dale Lake, Sue Walz, Deb Wagner, Sylvia Harmon, Deb Kramer , Rick Andrus, Mervyn  and Judy Pyorre, Linda Smith, Deb Peter  , Pat  Dallan, Michael and Mary Buck, Randall and  Diane Harris and Carl  Depietro .

Kathleen and Scott Mcfarren from Honest Horses attended and interviewed race participants.

An appreciation  to  Dr. Langdon Fielding our veterinarian.   And a very special thanks to my wife Linda, Secretariat, and everyone else for a successful Cool Ride and Tie. Thank you Chris Grey of the Foothills Ranch for being a good host.

Bring on the Tevis Cup. I am thinking of doing a book signing at Auburn Running Store this weekend.


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