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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fauja Singh 100 Year Old Marathon Man

We are made to persist. That's how we find out who we are."– Tobias Wolff
Secretariat is increasing his miles.  He claims this is associated with the upcoming Malibu run.  I am sure he is going to do well. As some of you may know, he recently turned 60. Secretariat is now in a new age group.  At this point, he is the only one in his age group for this run.  One can have mixed emotions when it comes to being the only one in your age group.  You are going to come in first and last.  However, being the only one in the age group, likely says something about the event, as well as one’s peers.  Doing what others are unable to do, can be a positive motivator.  I have been  in at least three races this year, and I have been the only one in my age group.  So for me, I feel good, when I can run faster and better than younger folks.  This may be the first time that Secretariat has no one to beat in his age group.
 Unfortunately I will not be able to run with him, since I will be attending, in Palm Desert, a Son of the American Revolution meeting. I was invited by Jack Sholl, one of the interviewees in “It Has Nothing To Do with Age”.  Jack, aside from being an early part of American history, is also a terrific rower and legend in that sport.  This 85-year-old young man has terrific stories, and lives an incredible life. I invited my hundred mile ride and tie partner Jonathan Jordan and his wife Tara to attend.  The plan for us is to party, in the desert, this weekend.
The above quote reads “we are made to persist, that is how we find out who we are.”  By now you are probably aware of Fauja Singh?  Yes, this incredible man, 100 years of age, completed The Toronto Waterfront Marathon.  This man is now in the Guinness Book of Records.  Okay Secretariat, this man has 40 years on you.  It would be neat to be able to run a marathon at the century mark.  I have only 28 years to go.
What might we hypothesize about Mr. Singh?  If you see his picture, he looks thin.  Looking thin is often a sign of being healthy and likely eating properly.  His cardiovascular system must be intact as well.  I bet his resting pulse is low, and his blood pressure reading is good as well. I would also predict that he is mentally tough, goal oriented, and a young 100.  He is "The Marathon Man. " Hats off to him, I hope he continues participating in these marathons.  If he can do it, so can you. It begins by putting one foot in front of the other.


ILIA, Posicionamiento Web said...

I hope, i can reach your age with the same strong and wellness i can see.

Ths Soccer already made serious injuries in my knees.

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