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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Malibu Canyon Run and turning 60

Today was my first run as a 60 year old. While Frank was out parting in Palm Desert with Jonathan, Jack and the General. I Tony or as Frank likes to call me Secretariat, was in Malibu doing the Malibu Canyon run. They had a 10k 25k and 50k. I did the 25k this is the longest distance I have done this year. As usual for me I started out not filling all that great this seems to be normal for me even though I stretched and warmed up running before the race. And as usual after the first mile are so I loosened up and started filling good. This is the second run I have done in the mountains above Malibu and again it was tough. It started out with a unrelenting 7.5 mile climb in the sun to the first aide station and was I glad to see it. I was completely out of water and was not used to the heat. Filled up took off up the last climb. Then there was the 3 miles of sometimes steep downhill. This was on rocky rutted fire road. As downhills are not my favorite I started to get passed my all these young fleet women. As one was passing me I called out that’s not fair you have young legs. As the trail flatten out I was able to catch up and re passed most of those that had passed me. As a came up to the girl that I made the comment to. She said Old legs yea!! as I passed her. The rest of the trail was flat are slightly up hill I felt great I was still running strong with about 3.5 miles to go. I finished in 3hrs 1 min and 28sec I was hoping for under 3 but close enough. I was first in my age group and 37th overall in a field of 90 and less the an hr behind the the overall winner. Yes I was pleased.
Hope Frank had good time partying Stenson beach comes up in 3 weeks.


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