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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tevis Cup, Hawaiian Ironman, and Molokai Hoe

Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric."– Bertrand Russell

The month of October is filled with so many sporting events that are difficult to keep track.  After the Cool Ride and Tie, we have the following: The Tevis Cup, The Hawaiian Iron man, and the Molokai Hoe (women’s Outrigger canoe race).  These races begin a long time ago, and at first were considered to be unpopular. Bertrand Russell makes a good point, as these events were considered eccentric but are quite popular today even though they are extreme. 
The Tevis Cup is a 100 mile horse race that begins at Robbie Park and finishes at Auburn.  This race began in the 50s as a result of an idea by Wendell Robie himself.  He was an excellent horseman and exceptional businessman.  What a way to bring publicity to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.   He certainly knew what he was doing.  Let us face it, to ride a horse 100 miles in mountainous terrain during the day and night and to complete this event in one day is spectacular.  People were concerned that the animal would be harmed during the event. Robbie countered that argument by giving expert opinion from his vet from the University of California at Davis. It Has Nothing To Do With Age has more information about this event.  Go to Forest Hill and take a look for yourself on Saturday.
The Hawaiian Iron man also takes place on Saturday, but on the big island in Hawaii.  Once again, all it takes is an idea or vision to start.  A small group of Navy officers came up with this idea to determine toughness.  A 2.2 mile ocean swim, followed by 110 mile bike ride, and then a 26.1 mile marathon run completes this event.  This happening has skyrocketed in popularity.  There is television coverage, and it is more of a spectator sport than the Tevis.  Lew Hollander is likely to be a record holder this year.  Check the finisher list and look for his name. More information about Lew can be found in It Has Nothing To Do with Age.
The women’s Molokai to Oahu Outrigger canoe race takes place on this weekend as well.  Of course, there was the men’s race first.  The men were discouraged from putting on this race because they were told it was too dangerous and this was in the 1950s.  One can imagine the difficulty the women faced when they wanted to put on a race of their own.   It was not until the late 70s that officially their race began. Doc Shay was in the very first canoe of women to complete this rough ordeal.  These women completed this race before it became official.  Read about Doc Shay and Sammie Stanbro and their canoeing exploits in It Has Nothing To Do With Age.
By the book and come to The Auburn Running Company on Saturday the 15th.  I plan on giving a short presentation and book signing.  Watch for the time.


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