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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Elite Runners Are Mortal Too

Well I finished this year’s Jed Smith, 50 km race over 10 minutes slower than last year’s. I was okay with that.  My last 50 Km race was in May of 2011 at Malibu and I had not run over 22 miles since.  Further, I missed at least two weeks of conditioning towards the end of December, because of a cold.
 The previous Saturday, Secretariat and I ran a half marathon at Stinson Beach; a good training run for me.  This year’s Jed Smith race was also a training run since next month’s Way Too Cool is much more difficult. I wanted to cover both the miles and get in the necessary amount of ground time before next week, since Linda and I are leaving for Arizona.  I might not be able to get in another long tough run before Way Too Cool.
At the finish line, I talked with one of the race directors from the Buffalo Chips Running Club about presenting a short talk before one of their Tuesday evening runs. I then received my award, a second place finish - an embroidered stocking cap.  I was okay, coming in behind Bill Dodson.  Bill holds the United States record for 50 Km. in my age group.  He simply runs faster than me.
Also of note, was that my award was the same as Mark Richtman the overall winner for the 50 mile race and Meghan Arbogast who was the first woman in 50 mile race coming in third place overall.  Incidentally, she holds the women’s US record for the 100 km.  I told her that Mark Richtman was in my book, because of ride and tie, but she was not because she was too young. Just kidding! 
 Oh, I forgot to mention, the young stud that ran like Mariah did not finish his race.  He did not pace himself correctly, and   crashed and burned.  That young man was impressive.  To be able to run that fast, wow!  Apparently, he was going to ask Mark for pointers.  Good idea!  Also, I met Craig Thornley, the newly appointed Western States 100 race director, starting in 2014.  Craig was at the race site smiling and seemed very friendly.   Good luck Craig, being race director for Western States is an awfully big job.
 After the event, Secretariat and I received our most important awards. He knew of a Baskin-Robbins store on our way home.  Stopping there, we received our much-deserved prize for our hard work-ice cream. What a treat and a great way to finish the day. Thank you Secretariat for joining me again at this year’s Jed Smith.   Your friendship is appreciated.  On a side note, Secretariat told me yesterday that I take him for granted.  We both laughed about that. Life can be good and is good.


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