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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Liam Neeson,Kenneth C. Young and The Grey

Secretariat and I both commented during yesterday’s run the difficulty of last Saturday’s Stinson Beach  1/2 marathon.  The continuous elevation change coupled with numerous steps added to the challenge.  For me, I did not push going down the many steps.  I made sure that I was upright, as I did not want to fall on my butt.  Secretariat indicated that, at first, he started to hurry going down the steps but quickly slipped and was fearful that he hurt his calf.  Fortunately he did not get hurt.  After that slip,  he slowed down his pace.
 Sunday and Monday were recovery days. Translated that meant that I hit the trail for two easy  5K runs.  Yesterday I felt   more recovered and ran faster than the two preceding days.  Today is a rest day, which means no running.  Walking is okay as I plan to hit the trail with Linda and Nails.  Thursday will be a tapering day for me.  Friday I plan to rest, as Saturday is the Jed Smith 50 K.
There were two articles that caught my attention, in the January 30 addition of the Wall Street Journal. There is a new movie at the box office called “The Grey.” This movie stars Liam Neeson in a man vs. nature thriller.  Mr. Neeson is 59 years old,  and is a plane crash survivor in the snowy wilderness and has to confront hungry wolves.  The part that caught my attention was the writer Michelle Kung describing the main character, as “solidifying star Liam Neeson’s status as an older action hero.” To be 59-and considered old?   Well then maybe, in the movies, 59 is old. I bet many in our culture think that when you reach 59  you are old also; if that is so it is too bad.
  The second article was about Kenneth C. Young.  I congratulate Mr. Young who jogged or ran at least 1 mile for 15,179 consecutive days.  In other words, for 41 years and 204 days this man removed himself from the couch and traveled at least 1 mile a day.   Good for him.  Incidentally, this was the fourth longest active streak in the United States. How is that for perseverance, toughness and determination?   Some might say, Mr. Young 70 years young, has both a compulsive an addictive personality configuration. Compulsive behavior suggests there is an irresistible, repetitive, intrusive force compelling the behavior of an act without or even against the will of the individual performing it and; if the individual does not perform this act, it leads to overt anxiety. Let us say, for the sake of argument, that he has a compulsion.  Did his compulsion or compulsive behavior serve him well?
On the other hand, addiction refers to a dependence on a chemical substance to the extent that physiologic dependence is established.  If so, this physiologic dependence later manifests itself as withdrawal symptoms when the chemical substance is withdrawn.  Using this definition, Mr. Young does not have an addiction.
Unfortunately, there was no further information provided as to why Mr. Young stopped his streak.  Some people are old at 70.  It is all relative, and I want to point out that 70 does not necessarily mean that you are old, just ask Kenneth C. Young.


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