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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Secretariat, Elemental Running and the Auburn Trail Run

Yesterday, Secretariat, Randall and I entered, a 25 kilometer trail run hosted by Elemental Running and Training that turned out to be over 16 miles in length. The run started at the Overlook in Auburn, and proceeded up the Training Hill, passing Salt Creek, reaching the paved road, proceeding back to the Firehouse in Cool and then returning on the Western states trail to the Overlook.

Secretariat took off, while Randall and I stayed together. From the Overlook to No Hands Bridge was fairly easy, because of the downhill, shade from the trees, and the fairly early morning start. After crossing No Hands Bridge and leaving the aid station we did a short climb until we reached the Training Hill. The Training Hill was over a mile in length and one steep climb. I must admit that I was tired after reaching the top. Then we went to the road crossing and another aid station running on the pavement in the direction of the Fire Station picking up more supplies, before heading back to No Hands Bridge. Barbara an aid station captain told us that some runners got lost and made a wrong turn.

I felt okay, but not great, as I reached the final aid station at No Hands Bridge. The hot temperature increased, and my breathing loud as I was tiring. I left the aid station before Randall; he caught up and told me that the volunteer told him that Secretariat was in second place. That meant he was running a strong race. I struggled, was tired, and ran and walked the last 4+ miles until we reached the finish at the Overlook. Randall was complementary, provided encouragement and was a good running partner.

At the finish, I saw Secretariat, sitting in the shade, smiling. He was the second man to finish and came in fourth overall. He was sitting next to a young looking Helen, who passed him going to the finish. We hung out, chatted, ate and I signed Helen’s book.

Once home, I took couple of ibuprofen, iced my Achilles, drank my smoothie, which consisted of bananas, apples, orange juice, milk, whey protein, ginger, carrots, broccoli, chili powder, blueberries, Chia seeds, and lean Pro matrix. I took a nap and then received an e-mail from Secretariat that had Bob Anderson’s Unjea link. It was then that I finally felt fully refreshed and was without discomfort in my Achilles.

Thank you Secretariat for sending that inspiring e-mail as it put a smile on my face. You ran strong and had a great race. I am thankful that I recovered quickly, and today I plan to do a short run. I am looking forward to seeing Secretariat on Tuesday for our training run.


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