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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ojai Double Metric

Today I did the Ojai double metric ride 128 miles with 8000 ft of elevation gain.  It was especially rewarding to come back to Ojai as it was the first century bike ride I did when embarking on my new journey last June.  I did the reg century with around 4700 ft elevation gain spread out over the 100 miles.  I still remember the sucky hill that comes at mile 85  when you want to be done climbing and thinking it would take all I had to get to the finish.  I had no idea if I would ever do a century ride again, that's how tired I was, but by the end of the week I said ok I will continue with 1 a month till year end as a goal.  Which I completed and exceeded with 2 extra.  
So coming back to see how I felt and doing the hardest option they offered made me see how much stronger I have gotten. I am still on the slower side but at 63 and female also on the older side.  My goal is to complete what I start out to do and improve my pace along with continued training. My success comes from completion and a body that recovers well. 
The route I took took me climbing up hwy 33 to the top of the Los Padres forest and it was well worth all the work. 3000 ft of climbing in about 12 miles straight up.  I started early at 6am and enjoyed the solitude and beauty of the surroundings.  It seemed not many took this option but it was the highlight of the ride.  
Hopefully the roadies that read this will introduce themselves to me on the rides when they see me. You are all an inspiration to me and I love the support from the community.
And yes I remember the yellow jacket and the help you gave me riding at night so I was able to complete the Davis.  Hope to see you at the grand tour if you will be there.
Secretariats sister, penny 


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