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Monday, April 25, 2011

Beautiful Malibu, A Personal Trainer, and a 50 K Ultra

Well I am glad that the Malibu 50 K. is over. The race began at the Sycamore Canyon staging area 8:30 A.M. last Saturday. There is an 8K. 20 K., 30 K., and 50 K. event. To prepare for the run, I drove to Pacific Palisades on Thursday to meet Tony and Debbie at Tony’s sisters. Penny is our host for the weekend. The plan is for Jonathan and his 11-year-old son Atticus to join us Friday. The accommodation is terrific as Penny is a very good host.
Penny is 61 years of age, a personal trainer, and Tony’s older sister. She is an equestrian and specializes in fitness for equestrians and other amateur athletes. Her education includes Advanced Personal Training and Nutrition. She is a certified Star 11 Spinning Instructor. If you want to get stronger, increase energy, reduce the risk of disease, improve self-confidence and enjoy improved health and fitness contact her She will design an individual program to assist you in meeting and achieving your life goals. She offers private and small group personal training. A rate sheet and references are available upon request. Contact her today, don’t wait, and get in the best physical fitness of your life.
Saturday morning we all got up early and proceeded to the race site. As it turned out, Atticus, Debbie, and Penny entered the 8K and all of them placed in their age groups. Is that an impressive group or not? Tony entered the 20 K., came in second in his age group, and is pleased. Jonathan entered the 50 K. The 50 K. is comprised of a 30 K. loop and a 20 K. loop. After he completed his first loop, he stopped. Thus, he ran 30 K. for his work. When I arrived after my first 30 K loop, the cast of characters is there waiting. Everyone thought that the cut off for the 50 K. is 1:15 PM. I am at the aid station at that time and asked about the cut off time. I’m told that 2:00 PM is a cut off for the 50 K. I have no reason to stop. Being tired is par and understandable and is part of the experience. The reason for the 2:00 PM cut off time and the nine-hour finishing time cut off time is because of the difficulty of this particular run. Generally, a 50 K. has an 8 ½ hour cut off time.
If I was either a goat or a big horn sheep, I would have been happy. I can’t recall experiencing a tougher 50 K. than this one. Each loop is primarily going up the mountain and then down the mountain. I must admit there is some flat on the first loop and very little on the second. There are plenty of switchbacks on this roughly 6,000 feet of climb. The trail is steep, rocky, and rutted in spots. I got plenty tired. My overall time is not spectacular but I finished. Being the only one in my age group, I came in first and last. I am pleased that I finished and didn’t hurt myself in the process. The only discomfort is the lactic acid build up that is par for any run of this distance. This means plenty of walking and/or massage to reduce the lactic acid buildup.
The next run is on the 8th of May and is in the Oakland hills. Tony and I are going to run the 20 K.  So for the next two weeks, I’m going to recover and not run especially hard on training runs


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