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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ironman-Lew Hollander

Dr. Ironman-Lew Hollander
As many of you know, Lew is a PhD physicist, an endurance rider, an Ironman competitor, an ultra runner, and a ride and tie competitor (21 world championships). He’s ridden over 11,000 competitive endurance miles, has over 150 wins and best conditioned awards and is an AERC Hall of Fame inductee. After completing the 100 mile Western States run in 1984, he began looking for something else to do. He discovered triathlons and then completed 21 out of 21 Hawaiian Ironman’s. And in 2010 has the distinction of being the oldest ride and tie competitor in the long course and the second oldest finisher in the Hawaiian Ironman. His athletic resume is  outstanding and unbelievable.

Lew is a man of many stories. One story he tells is when he was about nine years of age. At nine, he is mixing concoctions that result in making a big bang. He is pleased with his ability to make a bomb “go bang “in his neighborhood. Even then he wants to make a contribution to society and his country. Well, what did he do? This young lad sends a letter to the State Department describing howw to make a bomb explode by mixing certain chemicals. The State Department likes receiving expertise and writes him back. The letter is addressed to Mr. Hollander and says something to the effect of “we want to be able to explode the bomb when WE want to”. Unfortunately, that letter is misplaced.

Another insight into this man’s personality is when he is an officer and assigned to the US Naval Radiology Defense Radiation Laboratory in San Francisco. Even though he is working with the intellectual elite from nearby universities and with noble prize winners, one might think that would be a highlight for this young 21 -year-old commissioned naval officer. The way he tells it he receives great satisfaction and honor by being allowed to play shortstop on the enlisted men’s baseball team. Being an officer allowed him to play shortstop even though his natural position is playing second base.

Lew continues to compete in sports, develop patents, write and present scientific paper’s (in physics and semi conductor research etc.), and to give back to others. In fact let me suggest that you consider reading his short novel “And Chocolate Shall Lead Us”. This novella is about climate change and using rational and scientific thinking to combat this worldwide problem. There is a lot to this man and we want to continue to hear from him. Keep it up Lew.
Pat Browning told me “Lew is one of the toughest men, ever. He doesn’t look like it, but he is a brain”.
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